11 August 2015

A feature canvas wall with Snapfish

What do you do with all those photos that you take? I know that I have hundreds of pictures of my family on my computer, being a blogger the camera is never far away, but there are so many that do not get printed. We had been saving the big space of wall behind our television for a large special picture of us as a family of five, but which one to choose? 

Then Snapfish came up with the answer, why choose just one photo when we could have several, we could create a fabulous feature wall and even better still we wouldn't have to leave it at that, our wall could expand as the children grow too. 

Snapfish have recently brought out a new range of slim canvas prints just 0.7 inches deep , the range offers exclusive sizes and limitless opportunities to create beautiful patchwork style wall art even on a budget. From small 8x8 inch canvases at £17.99 to 30x20 inch at £69.99 there is something for everyone and suitable for every space too.

With the space in mind that we wanted to use we thought about what could make up a great feature wall. Not just recent pictures but scans of old pictures, the children's drawings or macro photography all featured in our list of possibilities. In the end we decided to get a little creative with our prints and painted the Little One's hands and feet and printed them onto paper to make pictures then turned the photos of them into canvas prints for our wall. We also chose to add a recent picture of each child to start our feature wall knowing we could add our big family picture when we take a nice one.. Then all we had to do was think about how to display them.

The great thing about a feature wall is how it can evolve, starting with a few mix and match pictures in the middle of the wall we can then expand our display at any tine. We ordered 5 canvas prints to start our display, we chose 8x10 canvases for the children's pictures, I had liked the idea of the little 8x8 prints for the children's hands and feet but they fitted the rectangular shaped canvas better.

We played around with some possible layouts as you can see below. We decided we liked the mismatched arrangement better (at the bottom) and went with that one, it will be easy to add too soon as well.

It was easy to hang them on the wall with a nail, hammer and a spirit level to ensure they were straight. Just make sure that you have clean hands as canvas prints can mark if you don't. We lined the prints up until we thought they looked good and ensured the gaps between them were even and voila, the start of a great display.

Do you have somewhere for a feature wall? It doesn't have to be a big area, behind the bed, down the stairs or over the fireplace perhaps?

N.B We were given £80 Snapfish credit towards the cost of our prints in return for this post.

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