27 August 2015

A day at the beach with Grandad

Last weekend the weather perked up and we headed to Devon for a few days to visit family and friends, many of whom were still to meet Little 3. We had planned a day out with my dad, the Little Ones Grandad, and as the weather was so lovely we decided to visit the beach in the town where he lives. 

Growing up I visited this beach often, sometimes we went after school to burn a bit of energy and then with friends in my teens, I remember rockpooling as a child and bbq's with extended family. We used to walk along the long promenade in the evenings and my husband and I spent many a moonlit evening watching the sea when he used to visit me when we lived apart in the early days of our relationship. 

It is great now to take the Little ones to places that I enjoyed growing up and seeing them having fun, sharing it with Grandad this time was lovely too.

The girls changed into their swimming things within seconds of arriving at the beach and Little 1 was straight down to the water, she waded in squealing at the chill of the water and was having great fun briefly sitting in the water and jumping up as the waves hit her back, she got quite brave and had daddy lay her on her front and dip her chest in the water.

She loved spending time in the sea and was really quite adventurous for her as normally she shies away from cold water!

Little 2 was not fussed by the sea itself and got straight into digging sandcastles and filling buckets of sea water with sand watching the sand change colour and displace the water, she did this for such a long time and was totally engrossed and happy doing her own little thing.

Soon the tide had begun to turn and the rock pools came out from beneath the waves. Grandad, Daddy and the girls set out to see what they could find with Mummy following behind hoping not to slip and fall in thus ruining the camera. The girls were armed with nets and excited at the thought of catching something, Little 2 needed a wide berth as we walked down waving her net wildly in excitement.

As we explored the recently uncovered pools we spotted and caught lots of shrimpy type fish and had to be quick to net them. Grandad was pretty nifty with the net and we soon had a bucket full of them.

Little 3 meanwhile was having a snooze in the pushchair, once he woke he enjoyed watching the comings and goings of the beach but was suffering with cutting his teeth (which are nearly through now) so mainly wanted to sit and chew things. The sun got quite strong so he stayed out of the heat under his pushchair canopy when he wasn't having cuddles.

The girls, Daddy and Grandad soon returned to show us what they had caught since I had left them knee deep in seaweed, there were more shrimps, lots of cockles and two crabs, a big one and a smaller one (which the big one was holding in this picture, I'm not sure if he was trying to mate with it or kill it!!). Little 1 was pretty pleased with her catch and we soon returned them all to the pools ready for the next net to find.

Letting go...
Lunchtime was upon us, it had been a busy morning and the beach was filling up fast. The girls enjoyed their picnic on the wall to avoid sandy sandwiches.

After our lunch we decided to go for a walk along the promenade and all enjoyed a tasty ice cream, all too soon it was time to bath two sandy Little Ones and head back for tea. We really enjoyed our day at the beach and will have to do it again soon.

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  1. Crabbing in Devon, we used to love doing this. Special time with grandad and the beach has to be a great day x


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