26 July 2015

Posie Pixie and the pancakes- book review

Have you heard of the Whimsy Wood series by Sarah Hill and illustrated by Sarah Mauchline? We hadn't heard of them until recently when we were asked if we would like to review the 7th and last book in the Whimsy Wood series- Posie Pixie and the Pancakes. 

Seeing as Little 1 is getting pretty darn good with her reading now that she has reached the end of her Reception year at school, we said 'yes' as I knew it would be a book she could have a go at reading with us and judging by the cover it looked like a lovely book.

The Whimsy Wood series is a multi-award-winning children's book series by Sarah Hill based in the South West of England. The stories follow loveable characters such as Bromley Badger, Wibble the Woodlouse and of course Posie Pixie and their adventures and mishaps in Whimsy Woods.

This story follows Posie Pixie as she prepares for pancake day with Wibble Woodlouse and the pair get a little too carried away eating their creations and end up with tummy ache. I love the language in this book, it is enchanting and descriptive and makes a lovely read, a little difficult for Little 1 to read fluently at five and a half but she had a good go and read a paragraph here and there while we read the rest of the book to her over a few bedtimes.

The story carries a few good morals and messages hidden within the tale, such as helping friends, not dropping litter and eating too many nice things, which I liked.

The illustrations throughout the book are colourful and lovely, great for keeping Little 2's attention and providing a talking point during the story. 

We enjoyed reading this book, if you would like to read it, it can be purchased for £5.99 from Amazon or direct from the publisher Abela publishing with 10% of the profits from the book going to The Wildlife Trust.

N.B We received this book for review. The opinions in this post are our honest thoughts of the product.

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