15 July 2015

Little 3 - A hearty update

If you have been following my blog for a while then you will know that Little 3 caused us much worry while he was growing when I was pregnant due to him having an ectopic (irregular) heartbeat. I had to have several scans of his heart and and lots of afternoons sent to hospital by my midwife sitting by a monitoring machine while it attempted to record his heart rate so the midwives and doctors could monitor his wellbeing.

The doctors didn't seem too worried and said it was common although not many people we told knew about it. A friend's children had had it but it sorted itself out at birth with her first and by her six week check with her second so we were hopeful that this would be the case with Little 3. The doctors told us that Little 3's heart would more than likely rectify itself at birth when all the changes in the heart take place as your baby breathes for the first time so it was a waiting game.

As my pregnancy progressed and I got sent to hospital for monitoring more and more as Little 3's heart raced and dipped with noticeable pauses on the midwives doppler we began to feel more uneasy. There was talk of having to have him early and c-sections if he wasn't happy and many an evening worrying about my baby after the girls had gone to bed.

In the end he hung on in there as I went a week overdue and decided to arrive in less than 2 hours so no time for heart monitoring while I was in labour, he was born healthy but still with an ectopic heart rate.

After a week in hospital following heart tests and treatment for a chest infection we went home, his 8 week check showed he still had his problem but an appointment with the hospital at 10 weeks showed much improvement and an ecg indicated that it was no longer occurring regularly and even might have gone.

At 13 weeks old we attended an appointment for Little 3 to have a 24 hour ecg fitted to record what was happening with his heart over this time. We had a few concerns as his face tended to turn very pale and his lips a bit grey when he fell asleep and the pediatrician wanted to check this out.

monitoring underway
We had a little fun with the monitor, it was a hot day and the pads kept unsticking so I ended up taping them on fast with vast amounts of elastoplast to make sure they stayed on overnight! Little 3 also thought it was great to grab and pull on the wires thus pulling off the clips, I ended up putting them in through the side of his nappy and down his shorts to try and stop him doing it, it seemed to work.

A day short of a month later at 17 weeks old we received his results and are super pleased and relieved to say that nothing out of the ordinary was recorded so no one is sure why he keeps going pale, he seems to improving and outgrowing the irregular heartbeat problem and his heart is sorted itself out. We were very happy to hear this and it has been a big weight off my shoulders.

Check back soon for Little 3's 4 month update.. 4 months already!!


  1. Aww! That is fantastic news....I am so pleased for you!
    What a cutie x

  2. ah Hooray! Was worried at the start of reading but am so so pleased to hear that he is doing so well! Love the happy photos of your gorgeous little lad! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays


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