2 July 2015

A sunny afternoon

The weather has been lovely and sunny, perfect for getting out and enjoying our local area. Last week, while Little 1 was at school, Nanny took Little's 2 and 3 and myself out for lunch and to feed the ducks. 

We had a lovely little lunch in a posh cafe, Little 2 sat as good a gold on her stool with her hands in her lap the whole time and was an angel (she is usually no trouble anyway but today she just looked super sweet and like a proper little lady behaving beautifully), Little 3 sat happily on my knee watching the goings on and chewing his fists and not complaining at all that he was due a feed while I ate my lunch.

Just a short stroll along the canal was a little park and a whole load of ducks to feed so we headed there.

Little 2 burnt off some energy running around and fed the ducks with Nanny, she really wasn't sure about the tall ones with long necks as they were nearly as tall as her!

We just about had time for a quick play in the park before it was time to go home to collect Little 1. Little 3 had a full tummy so settled for a snooze in the sunshine instead.

This is one of our favourite short trips out, where do you go to while away a couple of hours?

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