28 June 2015

Sun, sand and smiles

On our recent holiday to Somerset, one of the things that was on the girls to do lists was to go to the beach, they really love the beach, building sandcastles and flying their kite, they would spent all day pottering in the sand if they could.

This particular visit was to Brean Sands, we did visit Weston Super Mare too another day but it was cloudy, overcast and there was a very cold wind so we opted for the aquarium that day rather than the beach.

On arrival at Brean we headed to the 'beach car park' and paid our fee not realising it was actual parking on the beach itself, we could park anywhere against the rocks on a 2 mile stretch so there was plenty of space between us and the next car.

It was a bright sunny day and really warm in the sun but the wind coming off the downs was quite chilly and rather bracing to say the least so the girls opted for warm jumpers and to keep covered up to stay warm. They played in the sand behind the cars out of the wind a little.

Nanny and Uncle M who were holidaying with us also had their car, we were not as brave as Daddy and the girls and so Little 3 and I hopped into the back of their car (as there were no car seats) and chatted, listened to the radio, had a feed and Little 3 had an afternoon nap too while I actually read a bit of my book. I think it was a better option to keep him in the warm rather than in the wind, the sand was blowing everywhere so I couldn't have put him down anyway.

We had a picnic out of the boot of the car as we didn't fancy chasing our lunch as it blew down the beach or sandy sandwiches either! It was quite good fun. After lunch the girls and Daddy went for a walk/climb along the rocks while Nanny and I took a stroll along the sand. 

A little later Daddy got out the kite and the girls took it in turns running around the beach getting it to fly, they really had to hold on tight as it pulled them along! We had a good time at Brean even though it was windy and the sand has managed to get absolutely everywhere.

Fish and chips for tea anyone?

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