20 May 2015

A giant pink pig

There is a little park not far from our house that we go to most days, sometimes after the school run and others to burn a little energy and let off some steam. On a recent trip to the park there had been a new addition, an enormous pink plastic ride on pig!

Of course this pig was a massive hit with the Little Ones and every other child in the park too it seems. It is now the first thing that they run to and the last thing they have to have another turn on before leaving.

The Little Ones love the park whatever the weather and always have fun there. Little 2 has been building up her confidence climbing the rope ladder and shimmying up the firemans pole, she is also getting daring whooshing down the slide although Mummy is apparently boring as I insist she always goes feet first!

Little 1 learnt to swing herself back in the summer and now spends ages getting as high as she possibly can, she will spend absolutely ages on the swings now.

Little 3 is too little to enjoy the park just yet but he always has a good nap in the fresh air and when he is awake he beams as he watches his big sisters running around.

We have several small parks within a few minutes walk of our house and the girls often have trouble agreeing on which one to go to but where ever we go they always have fun and don't want to leave, especially this one now there is the addition of the pink plastic pig!


  1. Haha that pigs hilarious and the girls would love it. How I miss that park xx

  2. Aww! What a great sounding park! That pig is awesome! lol


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