16 April 2015

A delightful day out in the park for Daddy's birthday

Last week it was Daddy's birthday and so with a day off and Little 1 still on her Easter holidays we went out for the day. It was beautifully sunny but still a little cool in the shade. We took daddy to one of the places Nanny and I often take the girls for a few hours when he is at work as we knew he would like it there.

There is a small lake with a short circular walk around it and plenty of fish and ducks to spot, a play area, green grassy areas for a picnic or game of football and a nearby cafe with a sandpit and wendy house outside and a child friendly play area with sofas upstairs, perfect.

We arrived around coffee time and Little 3 needed feeding so headed to the cafe and made ourselves at home amongst the toys upstairs, lunch shortly followed and then we were ready to stroll.

The girls have a thing about their sunglasses at the moment and they are never very far away, they wear them in the car and at the dinner table and Little 2 is often sporting a dress and tiara with hers!

We were fish spotting on the bridge when Little 2 spotted a paved area behind us and declared it was a stage, she certainly got her groove on oblivious to the camera and was soon joined by Little 1.

We headed to the park first and the girls really enjoyed playing with Daddy and showing him what they could do on the equipment while Mummy chatted to Nanny.

We set off on our stroll around the lake, the girls liked watching the ducks and wildlife spotting as they walked along hand in hand with Daddy. 

There was lots of hiding in trees and climbing too as well as chasing, squealing and lots of laughter. We headed to a nearby garden centre after for a look around and then ended up back at the park for a game of football and snack while I fed Little 3. We all had a great day out and Daddy certainly enjoyed his birthday after we followed our trip out with chinese and chocolate cake with family and friends.


  1. Merlinda Little17 April 2015 at 14:28

    The world is her stage! That looks like a lovely dance moves. And looks like a fun Daddy birthday day =) #pocolo

  2. Zena's Suitcase17 April 2015 at 21:11

    What a lovely day out. My daughter is never far from her sunglasses either #pocolo


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