26 February 2015

Alfie and Grandma- A book review

It is no secret here on my blog that the Little ones love books, both girls have a shelf of them in their rooms and there are also many downstairs, we take the time every night to read several bedtime stories to our girls and often a few in the day too. Little 1 has taken to reading in her reception year at school like a duck to water and wants to read us her school book every night still, several months on from starting school which I love. 

You see, I love books too. I usually have one on the go on my kindle and will often go up to bed and read, usually for a lot longer than I had intended or for just one more chapter and end up regretting staying up so late as I try and drag my bleary eyed self out of bed in the morning! As a child I loved to read, I always had a book on the go and had many a favourite author and must have read hundreds of books. We were recently asked to review a book by an author who I remember from my childhood days, Shirley Hughes.

Shirley Hughes has been illustrating children's books for many, many years and wrote her first book in 1960, many other successful stories followed including her 'Lucy and Tom' books and the 'Alfie' series both of which I used to read myself. In 1999 she was honoured with an OBE for her outstanding contribution to children's literature and has won numerous other awards for her writing and illustrations too.

This is a little video of Shirley Hughes introducing her character 'Alfie' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3m6ibi6G0k

Her latest book, which is being released today is another from the popular 'Alfie' series titled 'Alfie and Grandma', it's a lovely collection of three stories about Alfie and his Grandma and would make a lovely gift for that special grandparent to share with their grandchild this coming Mother's day (March 15th this year).

Nanny came over to read the book to the Little ones for the first time, the girls have a close relationship with her and I thought it would be lovely for them to share the book together. They all snuggled up on the sofa and read the stories about a lost pet, Alfie saving the day and having an explorer adventure with his Grandma. 

The stories are lovely and well written, the girls listened intently as Nanny read to them, you can see by their faces how much they liked the stories. The book is also full of beautiful illustrations which capture their imagination and help to tell the stories well, there was lots of discussion about the pictures and we have re read the book several times in the past few days so I can see it becoming a new favourite here.

Alfie and Grandma is released today in the UK, If you would like to purchase the book you can click below to follow this link to Amazon:-

N.B We received a complementary copy of the book and an 'Alfie' activity pack in return for this post. I do not receive anything from you clicking the Amazon link in this post.

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  1. That sounds like a lovely book, I think my Little Man might like that for one of his bedtime books. #PoCoLo


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