19 January 2015

The party season is in full swing!

When you are 5 years old, like Little 1, your whole social life seems to evolve around school and the antics of the classroom and playground and all your peers birthday parties. It seems to be quite important to them at this age to have a birthday party and to invite lots of their friends. Now don't get me wrong I like a good children's party like everyone else but there are soooo many at the moment it is hard to keep track. 

It may just be down to the logistics of the birth dates of the children in Little 1's school year or perhaps she is just a nice friend to have and is therefore on many a party list (!), as despite my fears over the summer she has made some really good friends at school, now I hope it is not just me but does it seem like there is one party after another at the moment? We have had 8 parties in the last 7 weeks and two were on the same day in the same place! I suppose there are 30 children in Little 1's class (and 3 reception classes in Little 1's school) add to that a couple of parties for Little 2 who having started playgroup recently has been invited to one or two herself, as well as the odd family birthday do, and that is my diary filled on weekend afternoons for the best part of the remainder of the school year.

Little 2 after her latest party complete with a face painter.
I know we don't actually have to go to all these parties but why would I not let her go and anyway how do you tell a 5 year old who has just excitedly opened another pink princess invitation that you won't be taking her to that one. It just seems a little bit mean to me, unless there is a reason for her not to go or we were busy that day. I would feel terribly mean saying 'no, you can't go to that one' (although I wouldn't actually say that to her) just because I didn't fancy another two hours of sitting chatting to other parents I didn't know all that well. 

We have been to some great parties recently, Anna and Elsa have attended quite a few which the girls loved, there have been bouncy castles and slides, soft play parties, a space themed party and a pony party too (which Little 1 really enjoyed). I suppose it won't be long before they grow up and parties are replaced by just taking a few friends to the cinema or bowling instead of having an actual party, or heaven forbid Little 1 wanted a sleepover!

Last year was the first year we have ourselves had a party for Little 1. For her 5th birthday (last October) she was desperate to have a proper birthday party. In the past we have gone out for the day as a family or gone to a soft play centre with a friend or cousin and had chips for lunch! She had to go to school on her birthday so we invited 10 friends from school at the weekend and had a Frozen themed party at home with some homemade decorations and games/activities, some borrowed disco lights and played the frozen soundtrack at full blast, they all loved it and Little 1 was so happy it made all the preparation (and cost) worthwhile.

I love to see the children having fun, letting their hair down and enjoying their time with friends away from the pressures of school, it is nice sometimes to chat to other mums and find out more about Little 1's friends but at the same time a party free weekend would be good, my bank balance would appreciate it too after all these little gifts, cards and wrapping paper are starting to mount up!

Disclamer: I just wrote this post as there seem to be so many parties at the moment and I needed a blog post to write, if you are a parent of Little 1's classmate reading this, please note this is just the ramblings of a hormonal pregnant woman and please do not NOT invite her to your party (should you have been planning to do so) on account of my actions, she really would love to share your child's happy event, I might just make Daddy attend the next one instead of me!! 


  1. My son is becoming a social butterfly to attending a lot of his classmates parties! Its so much fun but I ask Daddy to bring him always as I am shy.

    Your party looks amazing. My son will turn 5 in June & is asking for some party but I really shy to have one.


  2. I love your disclaimer! I have to say that I found that this very thing happens with Grace - and how can you say no?! I swear their social lives are better than ours! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x


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