22 January 2015

Helping mummy-getting ready for baby

With 6 weeks until Little 3 is due to make an appearance, we have spent the past week or so starting to get ready, really ready just incase, as both the girls were early and with Little 3 having a heart issue we are not entirely sure when the birth is going to happen.

At the end of the Christmas break Daddy removed all the office furniture out of our office and I had a thorough blitz of our stuff that had accumulated in there over the past few years. We have set up the cot, put up wall stickers and built a chest of drawers. We have done a bit of measuring and decided on a storage unit and how best to arrange the furniture to fit in the rocking chair and still have a bit of floor space (the babies room is our smallest bedroom and an awkward L shape too) so the room is nearly ready bar re-hanging the washed curtains and popping some bedding on the cot as well as buying the new unit! 

Now that I had a chest of drawers to fill, we got the boxes of the girls old baby clothes out of the loft, 2 and a half years worth of clothes, cot bedding and some baby bits, bottles etc as we kept a lot of it knowing we were going to have a third child.

Little 2 and I set to work sorting through the old clothes deciding what we could use for Little 3 and what had seen better days, we sorted some things out for a friend who is also having a baby just after me and worked out what we needed to buy too. While we were sorting out the clothes Little 2 tried on a large number of the items, tiny hats and socks, her old tops and pjs etc, it was quite funny to see her in clothes she couldn't get past her knees and amazing to see how much she has grown just since the summer.

My washing machine is currently working to capacity washing all the cot bedding I have purchased and there is a pile of teeny tiny clean babygros in my ironing pile, I am looking forward to putting it all away, with help from the Little ones of course.

We have had to buy a few new bits too, our infant car seat and bouncy chair had spent the past 2 years being stored in black bags in the loft and must have got damp up there as when we got them down to wash the covers they were a little mouldy so that meant I got to buy a new bouncer in the sales and we were able to find a new set of car seat covers for the infant carrier courtesy of good old ebay and thus avoided the cost of a new car seat, which was pretty lucky as this seat forms part of our travel system. I would have loved a new travel system with all the mod cons but ours is still going strong after 2 children and sadly we didn't need one!!

Things are coming together nicely now, as well as the nursery moving along, there are baby bits popping up in the kitchen, some bibs in the drawers and a cupboard has been cleared for all the cups, bottles, pump and bits too. We have had a play around with car seats to see how best to fit 3 child seats in our car without having to buy a bigger car (yet!) and we are going nursery furniture shopping at the weekend. Exciting times ahead...


  1. It's a really exciting time and I remember doing this for each of mine with such anticipation and love, and a little nervousness. Glad you didn't have to organise a new travel system - they only get dirty when you take them out :)

  2. Wow that's come around quickly, how exciting! I loved getting ready for each of mine. Good luck with everything & can't wait to meet little 3 xx

  3. Hello there, it's such an exciting time and a lovely feeling when everything starts coming together! Best of luck with your new adventures xxx #binkylinky

  4. Not long to go now. Little E sounds like a great helper. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  5. It's great to get organised and sorted isn't it? Loving her trying on all her old clothes bless her haha isn't it funny to think she used to be that tiny!? Yikes to fitting 3 car seats in the car! Thanks for linking up with #MaternityMondays and not long to go now lovely! xx


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