4 January 2015

A year of blog memories with The Mumdrum #52memories campaign

Looking back at 2014 I can think of several things that have become favourite memories of the past year that have made me smile, Little 1's first day at school, the Little ones cleaning the car with Daddy followed by fish and chips in our pyjamas, the amazement and awe of Little 1's first trip to a castle and giggling like a school girl on a sleepover with a friend the night of Britmums.

On the 10th January 2015 I will have been writing my blog a whole year and in that time I have recorded so much more of what we have done as a family and the things the Little ones have done, said or created than I have ever done before. There are almost 2500 pictures of the past 12 months on my computer. Some were family events and holidays etc and others were normal things like baking cakes and trips to the park where I would not normally have taken a camera but with my blog in mind I did. Some of those things made it on here as blog posts and some didn't (I didn't have time to write about everything we did). 

As well as having the pictures, writing my blog has allowed me to record a lot of the things I have thought and we have done in the past year. I had a look back at some of my first posts and can't believe how young the girls look, I am so glad I started this journey and will have this online diary to look back on in years to come. 

So the question is do you record your memories? Do you take pictures, write a diary, a blog even. What do you do with your pictures? Are they sat on your phone or computer like most of mine (I don't actually very often print my pictures out just put them on my blog or email them to family) or do you use them? 

With this in mind I want to tell you of a campaign I am going to be involved with in 2015. It is run by The Mumdrum, a new online community for mums and mums-to-be. In 2014 they worked with Bump PR on a campaign called '52 Memories'. The idea is really simple, they'd like to encourage parents up and down the country to capture just one memory a week, to create a lasting record of their child's adventures and record it on twitter on a Wednesday using the hashtag #52memories and it starts this week on the 7th January. Myself and 4 other bloggers have been invited to take part and share our memories with you in the form of blog posts, photos and tweets etc throughout the year. 

Last year over 20,000 memories were recorded this way as The Mumdrum learned that 60% of parents use their phone for taking pictures that rarely get printed. In this age of technology the traditional family photo album where we could look at and 'remember' events is significantly declining and we are turning to technology to store our memories. The Mumdrum provides a safe and private online space where families can save photos and special moments to return and look at and share with family and friends. They have recently expanded too and launched a service where you can turn your memories into cards, posters and calendars to share with your family.

So don't forget the #52memories campaign- Wednesday is the dedicated day for sharing memories via twitter with the hashtag #52memories.  This can be a caption, photo, blog post... whatever captures the memory.  The first memory of the year will be shared on Wednesday 7 January, I will be there, will you?

N.B I have written this post to inform of my involvement in the 52 memories campaign, I have not been paid to write this post.


  1. I'm so looking forward to capturing these memories, and checking out everyone elses, including yours!


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