4 December 2014

The Little ones write to Santa

With Christmas fast approaching we decided it was time to write letters to Father Christmas (courtesy of the post people at Royal Mail), the Little ones have done this each year for the past few years as long as they could doodle and I love seeing their faces as their reply arrives through the post. 

It started after breakfast with me asking if Little 1 could write a Christmas list (and soon), all the shopping for the girls has been done already but I wanted to make sure they were not going to be disappointed when something they desperately wanted did not arrive as they had neglected to tell me about it!

Little 1 wrote this note as there was not time for a proper letter before school and I was relieved to see my intuition had been correct and she was not going to be disappointed come Christmas day, nothing huge or fancy just a couple of things she really wanted and a dolls bed we have already (although it does belong to Little 2 technically).

Later on Little 2 wanted to write her letter which resembled something of a black circle, when asked if she wanted to make it prettier she drew two more circles and looked most pleased with her efforts! A bit of stamping soon brightened up the letter and it was ready for mummy to write her name and address on.

The Little ones both love stamping, we do it quite a lot especially when we make cards, although they always end up covered in ink!!

Little 2 decorated the envelope with a few more stamps and signed her name at the bottom of the letter I wrote for her as she told me what she wanted to ask for, luckily her list too was rather small and Mummy Christmas had it all sorted. Not like last year when Little 1 declared a week before Christmas that she really wanted a Tinkerbell fleece blanket after hiding her letter for a week, thank goodness for ebay!

When little 1 arrived home from school she quickly set to writing her proper letter prompted by what she had written earlier, she also wrote her name, class at school, age and address (with a bit of help from me) and drew a picture of Father Christmas, then she got happy with the stamp and practically covered every available remaining space! (Some details have been removed for anonymity reasons).

She decorated her envelope with a picture of Father Christmas and we stuck on the stamps.

I was taking a picture of Little 1 and her completed letter when she was suddenly photobombed by her normally camera shy little sister, check it out.... Top is the photo as it should have looked and bottom is the rather blurred large face of little 2 instead!

Their letters are currently winging their way to the North Pole and I hope we will receive some replies shortly.


  1. Ah, they did really well with their letters. Great list too. My girls wrote their letter at school and the class all walked to the post box together to post them. I had to ask them what they had written.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Very cute :) We are having an event with Santa in the library and I wrote our first letter to him :) I know it doesn't count, but I hope our little one will agree with it, until he is old enough to write. xx :)


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