8 December 2014

Easy peasy festive fudge

The Little ones and I like to bake, cakes, biscuits and sometimes sweets, we haven't done much baking recently as everyone has been run down and tired. We like to make yummy things at Christmas to share with visitors or give as little gifts to our family and friends and with the big day less than 3 weeks away I thought we ought to get started. This time we chose something that was quick and easy as we had grandad visiting and wanted to make something for him to take home with him.

We chose to make fudge, a milk chocolate one and white chocolate and cranberry one using a very simple recipe from our festive treats cook book.

Little 2 and I made the first batch of milk chocolate fudge when Little 1 was at Hockey club in the morning and Little 1 helped to make the white chocolate one in the afternoon. Little 2 couldn't wait to help me and was anxious to get started.

To make this fudge all you need is:
300g chocolate
200g condensed milk
2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
and then if you want to add something to them like raisins or cranberries etc you need 90g of whatever you are adding, we added 90g of cranberries to the white chocolate one.
(and that is it, so simple, so easy, no thermometers or anything, and it only takes a few minutes to make)

As we were giving away a large portion of what we were making we decided to double the recipe for each flavour which was quite handy as the tins of condensed milk I had bought were 397g. 

All you need to do is melt the chocolate, condensed milk and vanilla essence together on a low heat until fully melted and then add in any other ingredients off the heat before tipping it into a tray lined with greaseproof paper. Little 2 enjoyed snapping and breaking up the chocolate into the saucepan and helped me to pour in the condensed milk. I did the hot bit and she helped me to flatten it a bit in the tray before we placed it in the fridge for a few hours to harden.

Later when Little 1 was home she helped me to make the white chocolate one and enjoyed chopping up the cranberries to add and stirring the mixture.

After the fudge had hardened I tipped it out of the trays, pulled off the greaseproof paper and chopped it into squares, it did look really yummy. It was very tasty cold from the fridge and had a slightly chewy texture not really very crumbly like proper fudge but it was really delicious and I preferred it to the dry sugary crumbly stuff you sometimes get, we all loved it and all wanted more so I've had to hide it at the back of the fridge away from the girls! 

We portioned most of our fudge into little starry bags and tied them in silver ribbon, Grandad got some to take home and the rest will go to the first few family members we see! I think I will make some more next week as it was so quick and easy, perfect for school teachers and pre-school staff at the end of term as a little thank you, I think I will add raisins to the chocolate one and maybe we could try a little rum instead of vanilla essence!! mmm

Have you made anything yummy for Christmas? Next week we are going to attempt to make a gingerbread house.


  1. That fudge looks delicious, I shall definitely be making some with my little one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Baked Potato Mummy10 December 2014 at 22:49

    I love making fudge and this looks like a wonderful simple recipe! It looks so pretty in those starry bags. A perfect gift!
    I hope you'll come and link up with #LittleChefs this week. It opens tomorrow (Thursday) ;)

  3. That is such a nice, homemade present! Your fudge looks really yummy, and so simple to make it would be a crime not to attempt it. #LittleChefs

  4. Oh, it looks so yummy and it can also make a grate little something gift for Christmas :) We love trying new things in the kitchen, so we should give it a go during the holidays :)

  5. These look great, I love the white chocolate with cranberries, yum! Such a lovely idea to give them away to family and friends too #MiniCreations

  6. What gorgeous little chefs you have! I make something very similar, but I'm super lazy and use the microwave for even less effort! I love the idea of cranberries with the white chocolate one - very festive and it looks really pretty!

  7. Lucas says - Yum Yum - Get in my tum!!! This fudge looks well lush.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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