18 December 2014

Dry, itchy eczema prone skin- you should try AVEENO®- We love it.

"Stop scratching" "I can't it's itchy" "You'll make it sore" "I can't help it, it's sooo itchy" " Stop it, it will bleed" "Grrr but I want to itch it" "Leave it alone"

Does this sound familiar? Little 1 has had dry itchy eczema prone skin since she was a few weeks old when I noticed after bath time that her skin was dry and rough. Over the years she has been prescribed and used several emollient creams, mild steroid creams and ointments and lots of different moisturisers, as well as using quite a few different bath products and washing powders too, we have found that some things irritate her more than others and some products work better than others at relieving the sore itchy skin.

Now that she is 5 years old her eczema seems to have settled, her general skin is healthy but she gets itchy if she wears certain fabrics, gets hot or uses products that don't suit her, she is also allergic to some sun lotions and plasters too. I have to be careful what I buy and think of her when using the washing machine too.

I suffer from eczema too, I get very dry itchy sore hands especially between my fingers and this means I have to take my wedding rings off at night otherwise my fingers get irritated. Many cleaning and washing up products just do not suit me and really dry and irritate my skin making it worse. Since I have been pregnant I have also suffered red dry itchy patches on my lower arms and wrists too.

Recently we were sent some products from AVEENO® to try and I have to say I love them. AVEENO® products are designed for dry, itchy eczema prone skin and made from colloidal (very finely milled) oatmeal, a natural ingredient with properties known to moisturise, soothe, cleanse and protect the skin as well as helping to maintain a healthy skin pH balance. We were sent the moisturising lotion, cream and bath and shower oil.

We have found all the products useful, Little 1 has been using the moisturising lotion after bathtime to keep her skin hydrated and the itchiness at bay and I have been keeping my hands soft and flare free using the AVEENO® cream regularly throughout the day. But the star of the show for us is the bath and shower oil, I started using it on myself in the shower and noticed immediately how smooth and supple my skin was and how quickly it soothed my itchy dry patches that have occurred in pregnancy. I used my usual bath wash the other day and I really noticed how red and itchy the patches were the next day compared to using the AVEENO® bath and shower oil so I will definitely continue using it. Little 1 has also used it in the shower and loves how slippery it is and that it goes white as she rubs it in, it leaves her skin is lovely and soft too. I have so far been reluctant to use it in the bath in case it makes the children's feet slippy, although it doesn't in the shower so I should give it a go really. 

AVEENO® have also recently developed a book with children's author Penelope Harper after carrying out some research (YouGov Aveeno Skin Stories Study, 2014) into the difficulties that mum's face when managing their child’s dry eczema-prone skin which found:

·         48% of surveyed mums agree that their child does not enjoy their emollient routine
·         46% of mums stated that their child doesn’t like using creams or lotions
·         And 51% of mums say that they would find advice on how to develop an enjoyable dry, eczema-prone skin routine helpful

We received a copy of the book and Little 1 has had fun making up her own creaming song like the one at the end of the story of Ellie and her gecko friend Eddie, you can download the book for free here: http://www.aveeno.co.uk/childrens-dry-skin

AVEENO® asked us to share our top tips for eczema prone skin so here are our top 5.

1. Keep eczema prone skin cool in the summer and avoid overheating the house in winter.
2. Wear cotton and other natural breathable fabrics to avoid irritation.
3. Avoid perfumed and chemical laden bathing and washing products.
4. Take time to earn what causes your/your child's flare ups and the best products for calming them quickly.
5. Keep dry and eczema prone skin moisturised as it helps prevent itchiness.

Do try AVEENO® too, you can request a free sample here: www.aveenosamples.com

N.B We received a copy of the Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie book and three Aveeno products to try in return for this post.

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