25 November 2014

Our Christmas traditions

With Christmas fast approaching, exactly a month away today, I have been thinking about our Christmas traditions and I thought I should get a wriggle on and write about them.

The Little ones are getting older now, at 5 years and 2 and 3/4 years old, for the past few years we have been doing the same things at Christmas time, some things we have done from before we had children too. The Little ones are beginning to remember the things we do each year and they have developed into new Christmas traditions for our family.

Baking- For as long as I can remember I have made biscuits at Christmas time, I remember doing it at home and here before the Little ones came along and I have done it with them too. I, until last year, used the same recipe every year for simple spicy biscuits which we have made recently. We always cut them out with Christmas cutters and decorated them with white icing and all sorts of red, green and silver decorations and handed them out to family and friends in little Christmas bags along with our Christmas cards. 

Last year I was given a book of Christmas baking for my birthday and instead of making biscuits the Little ones and I made giant chocolate drops and decorated them in a sort of florentine style with cut up apricots, candied apple, raisins, nuts and mini chocolate drops . We also made home-made coconut ice too and gave the treats out to people instead, including Little 1's preschool teachers, everyone loved them. So this year I think I will go through the book again with the girls and see what they fancy making.

I was also given a gingerbread house cutter set last Christmas and I am planning to use my spicy biscuit recipe to make one with the girls and decorate it as a family. I have thought about doing this for the past couple of years but thought the girls were a bit young before, watch this space for our Christmas baking as I am sure I will write about it.

The Snowman/Christmas DVD- For the past few years we have allowed Little 1 to stay up a little later on Christmas eve and watch the Snowman on dvd once she is in her pyjamas (a treat for her as the tv is not usually allowed on after tea in our house), this is usually done with hot chocolate and a few chocolate coins, we all sit together as a family for this one. Now that the children are getting older and their attention span is improving we might start watching a Christmas film instead although we usually pull out our collection of Christmas films from late November and watch them whenever we fancy so we might decide to keep it as the Snowman (at least it is short), we'll have to see what they want to watch this year.

Mince Pie for Santa- After the dvd and hot chocolate we always prepare a plate with a mince pie and milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer that the girls leave by the fireplace before they go up to bed.

Christmas clothes from Nanny-  On Christmas morning we always open all of our stockings in our bed before coming downstairs in our pyjamas where the girls open their presents from Father Christmas and us and Mummy and Daddy swap gifts with each other. Then either we go over to Nanny and Uncle M's or they come to us for coffee, croissants and a few little gifts if there is time. Since the girls were born Nanny has always bought the girls an outfit to wear on Christmas day and she will either bring it over with her for them to get dressed or give it to us the day before if we are going over to them. This year however Little 2 will be wearing Little 1's dress from a couple of years ago and Little 1 was lucky enough to receive a lovely Christmassy dress from Frugi recently so she didn't need one either.

Little 1's Frugi Reindeer dress.

Dinner at Granny's - After a quick chat and a play with their new things all of us head over to Granny and Grampy's for Christmas dinner. It is great that we are all together for Christmas and I get to spend lots of time with the girls as I am not cooking a Christmas dinner, we spend the rest of the day there eating, opening presents and eating more and bring 2 tired children home in their pyjamas to go straight up to bed.

Boxing Day presents- As we don't have the time to open all of our presents on Christmas day we usually leave the ones for the girls from other people, and ours from friends and work until Boxing day when Nanny and Uncle M come over and we swap gifts with them and open all the rest of ours. Later on we head over to Great Granny's for tea with the whole family, it is a bit of a squeeze!

So there you have it, our two days of Christmas, what do you do, has it changed and developed over the years? How do your children influence your traditions?


  1. I love starting new christmas traditions with my family, you've got some great ideas! #binkylinky

  2. We have a few Christmas traditions. I buy our girls a Christmas tree decoration each so when they're older they'll have plenty to decorate their own when they're all grown up! #Binkylinky

  3. aww lovely traditions :) I love christmas! Xx

  4. That is a lovely one, we have had photo decorations made the past few years for our tree but not this year. x

  5. Lovely traditions. I think they are so important, creates great childhood memories. We always do the snowman dvd too and baking.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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