10 November 2014

Getting creative with left over loom bands

This week has been one of those odd sort of weeks, the weather has turned cold and it has been raining, the Little ones are tired despite it being the first week back after half term and they haven't been 100% either. Little 2 has really suffered with a horrible cough, it has disturbed her sleep all week and so we are both tired from repeated coughing fits overnight, but she hasn't been herself either she looks a little pale and doesn't want to eat (except the repeated ask for chocolate buttons!) and she keeps mentioning stomach ache but there are no other symptoms (thank goodness) so she is obviously fighting something. Over the weekend she said her ear was hurting but she doesn't have a temperature and she can go hours without mentioning it so I am just keeping an eye on it for the time being and providing a few doses of calpol for good measure.

Neither of us has felt like doing much this week, she has been well enough to go to playgroup and is pretty chirpy when she is not grumpy from being tired and hungry but she doesn't want to play and has spent much of the week lounging in the ball pool and quietly sat in her play tent with a doll or curled up with me watching Disney films under a blanket, I was hoping we could catch a snooze but it didn't happen!

I did manage to get her to do a couple of creative activities this week when she was up for it but they didn't last all that long and her attention span was not what it usually is....

Earlier in the week it was playdough, we had a pack of lots of different colours so I opened a few for her and offered her plates and cutlery hoping to get a little game going, she was happy to chop and dish it all out but didn't really want to make anything much.

She had a go at mushing it all together and told me that she had made a cat that I had to take a picture of..

And then used the empty playdough container to make 'chocolates' but after that she had had enough. She must have been out of sorts as normally she will play playdough for a good 45 minutes and come back to it over the course of the day too.

On Wednesday with it being bonfire night and all that I thought we should do some sort of fireworks pictures, I wasn't sure where the chalks were and didn't fancy getting the paint out for just a few minutes play and then I suddenly thought of the barely used packet of loom bands taking up space in the cupboard.

Now we didn't fall foul to the loom bands craze over the summer (it will probably be the last craze that I get away with avoiding though!) with the Little ones being a bit young and not that interested but I did get one pack in a mad moment as they sat there on the edge of the checkout (blooming product placement) one shopping trip, I made the girls one bracelet each and that was it, they have been in the cupboard ever since and the bracelets were forgotten by the next day.

I thought that stuck on some black card they could look a bit like fireworks so we gave it a go, they didn't end up looking like fireworks at all but the girls both enjoyed sticking with them and I have a space freed up in my art cupboard now.

Little 2 loves glue and will happily plaster a page in it before sticking anything on, she loves to watch it drip and gloop.

Little 1 had a go when she got home from school and just wanted to stick them on the page, they did look quite effective on the black card and as they were glow in the dark ones they looked good later on when we turned the lights off.

Have you got lots of left over loom bands now that the craze has died down? What are you going to do with yours?


  1. Karen Teresa Reekie12 November 2014 at 15:01

    We have lots of loom bands, and whilst my daughter is still into them, I can see there will be some left over, I might try something like this, with them, at our toddler group! What a great idea. Popped over from Mini Creations! :)

  2. Grace says - What A fab idea for the leftover loombands - I have LOADS left over so I finally know what to do with them :)
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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