28 November 2014

6 months pregnant- Dear Baby....

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant and if I am really honest I am feeling rough. After having a stressful time last month with extra scans and Little 3 being diagnosed with a mild heart problem, Little 2 being ill practically all month with a run of illnesses and scaring us with her breathing over a minor chest infection (this is the post all about that!), and Little 1 having a cough, which all meant lots of worry and not a lot of sleep, I think my body has just about given up!

Due to the lack of sleep last month for one thing and another, worry, a growing bump, coughing and ill children mainly, I am tired, tired out and run down. This week started with me catching a cold, just a normal one but it has knocked me sideways, when it started my head felt like it was going to explode, my bump hurt so much from all the sneezing pulling at my already achy muscles, I wanted to cry by the end of the day and then the cold went onto my chest and I lost my voice, it still isn't back properly 4 days later. I haven't felt so tired in ages.

Little 3 has also been a pickle keeping me awake at night and causing me to feel pretty uncomfortable at times so I thought I would just pen a short note to my little one (not that it will change anything, it is just for fun after all)...

Dear Baby,

Mummy loves you very much already and I am looking forward to when the time comes to meet you but there are one or two things we need to sort out before that time comes. There are still 14 weeks (give or take) to go and I really need to have a word...

Firstly my bladder is not a trampoline or punch bag and I really would prefer it if you could refrain from using it so especially when I am trying to get to sleep, getting up to go to the toilet three times in 5 minutes is not my idea of fun! I need to sleep!

Your favourite position might be super comfortable for you but I do not share the same feelings. You are currently transverse across my tummy with your head over my left hip and your bottom over my right and your back pushing painfully behind my belly button, that one is just not going to work anymore, it really is uncomfortable now that you have grown. I don't feel my belly button can stretch much more and I can't bend down, if you could just find a new position (preferably head down) I would be ever so grateful.

When you have spent the previous 10 minutes having a good kick and wriggle, it is not funny to freeze for the few minutes that Daddy puts his hand on my tummy, I am sure Daddy is convinced I am imagining it all and it would be lovely for him to connect with you for a moment!

Having said all this I am glad that you are comfortable in there and growing well, I am just tired and having an off day. I really do love you lots.

Love Mummy x 


  1. I feel the same and I'm 30 weeks. When I get comfy that's when baby goes mad kicking and won't stop.

  2. Oh bless you! I love having all of my baby carrying days behind me {all 5 of time!} but I do love looking back at those days and remembering how amazing the experience was too. xx

  3. Let's Talk Mommy7 December 2014 at 22:15

    Ahhh bless you hunny. I miss being pregnant so badly somedays and others its great it's all behind me as our family is complete now. I bet when the festive season is over things will come down and you can enjoy it more. Relax more. It's such a busy time of year. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Holidays #sharewithme

  4. I have to admit I will be glad when the stress of christmas and all the school/preschool things related to xmas are over and I can concentrate on growing this baby! Thanks for reading x


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