22 November 2014

5 months pregnant- scans, specialists and scary moments

I am now 25 weeks pregnant, almost 6 months gone, and boy this month has been pretty stressful baby wise and I have also had a poorly Little 2 as well. It all started about a month ago with our 20 week scan....

 For those who might not know (uncle M-thats you) -The 20 week scan, the anomaly scan, is the one where they check that your baby is developing properly, and if anything may be a cause for concern, it can also be the one where you can find out your baby's  gender if you want to (depending on your hospital and sonographer of course).

I was a bit nervous before we went in hoping that Little 3 was going to be okay, I'm not really sure why I was a bit nervous this time, I don't remember being nervous with the other two but maybe I was and I just don't remember. I was also a bit excited that we might find out whether Little 3 was going to be a he or a she.

The sonographer was friendly and did what she could but Little 3 was not going to wake up or move for her to see what she needed no matter how much she poked and prodded, She had me shake my hips and jiggle my belly (not the most dignifying thing to do), and get up to relieve my bursting bladder but Little 3 was quite happy snoozing (we saw a yawn) bottom down facing outwards. She was able to scan the brain and head, face and check that the limbs were all ok but not able to check any of the internal organs, spine or heart so arranged for us to come back in two weeks time. We asked if she could find out the gender at the end, doubtful that she could due to Little 3's position, she had a look and we could only see the cord, then Little 3 moved and we got a sneaky peek, well, Daddy and I didn't see anything other than cord still but the sonographer was sure she could tell us what we were having and we were thrilled.

We had wanted to know partly because the girls wanted to know and partly because I couldn't wait to find out, I don't like surprises and we have a loft full of pink things and girls clothes I was itching to sort through and start washing things either to pass on and sell or for Little 3 to wear. We are not telling on here what we are having though (unless I accidently give it away by not reading what I have written thoroughly enough) as some of our family do not want to know.

Anyway, we left with another scan booked for 2 weeks time to do the rest of the checks. In the meantime I had a consultant appointment at 21 weeks where we were told that baby was doing well and growing just fine and my blood pressure was continuing to be normal so the consultant was happy to sign us back off to midwife led care- yay.

We returned for our second anomaly scan at 22 weeks and this time the sonographer was able to do the rest of the checks she needed and confirmed our baby's gender for us. She did however spend a lot of time looking at the chest and kept going back to the heart from various angles, we started to get a little worried. Finally she said that she wanted a specialist scan done on our baby's heart as it wasn't beating the way it should. We were suddenly very worried, she showed us a close up of it beating and you could see that every few beats the heart valves hesitated before continuing, apparently it is called an ectopic beat and she said it was not uncommon. It wasn't something I had heard of before and we were quite scared of what it meant for little 3's future. The earliest appointment she could get with the cardiologist was 5 days away and so we had to wait.

At 23 weeks we had our scan with the cardiologist, both Daddy and I were very nervous as to what we were going to be told. The scan took 40 minutes of uncomfortable prodding as Little 3 was not in the best position to view the heart, we watched in silence at the images on the screen of the strange heartbeat and as the sonographer recorded several heart traces and took various picture and looked at the blood flow. Finally she spoke to say Little 3 was likely to be okay (PHEW). The heart was formed correctly and there was no fluid or anything, she then talked us through what she could see and the recordings saying that every third heartbeat was a little premature and then the heart was pausing to correct itself which was good. It is something to do with the heart being immature and extra electrical impulses, that is was not too serious and hopefully Little 3 should outgrow it before birth or shortly afterwards, if not it is something you can live with. As you can imagine we were incredibly relieved and glad that our baby was going to be okay.

We will now be having 4 weekly fetal heart scans with the cardiologist for the rest of the pregnancy in the hope that Little 2 will outgrow it before birth and to keep an eye on the development of the heart. 

Not only was all this going on but Little 2 was also not well for pretty much the whole time as well. It started with a cold and cough over half term which was not serious but she stopped eating, kept waking up and was out of sorts and very pale running a low temperature too so I thought she had a virus as well as the cold. The cold went to be followed just a day later with a sore ear and several loooong nights sitting up with her then another blooming cold followed by a terrible barking cough which lasted a couple of days until she woke up one morning wheezing, breathing funny and obviously out of breath. 

I took her straight to the doctors who gave her inhalers and said she would be ok in a few days, it was due to the virus and cold. That night she was really bad and I was actually really worried about her, neither of us slept, the following day she was worse and I pushed for another appointment, this time the doctor was lovely and listened to everything that had been going on with her for the last almost 3 weeks and decided to give her some antibiotics even though she wasn't sure that it was a chest infection, luckily that did the trick and the following morning she had made a remarkable recovery, was back to her old cheeky self and finally started eating again.

I am so glad that Little 2 is well again and that Little 3 is going to be okay, it has been a rather stressful sleepless month, lets hope the next one is better.


  1. What a very scary time for you all and I am so very glad that Little 3's heart appears to be absolutely fine on scan and that the ectopic beat will hopefully correct itself. So glad that Little 2 is better again too - what a anxious time it has been for you all over the last few weeks. Hope the rest of your appointments with the cardiologist will all bring good news and that the next few weeks will be much better for you all x

  2. phew, sounds like a rough and scary month! So glad little 2 got better on the antibiotics and what a relief little 3 ie going to be ok! Glad they are looking after you with extra scans! So exciting that you know what you are having, the time will fly before he/she is here! Xx

  3. What a stressful time you've been having! And with poorly little ones too :( I hope the rest of your scans go well and you get to hold your precious baby soon x x x x

  4. Wow what a difficult time. Glad little 2 is on the mend and little 3 is going to be okay. Hope you catch up on sleep too hunny. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again next week. Happy Holidays #sharewithme


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