20 October 2014

The annoying pregnancy niggles..

The things your body does while growing a baby are amazing and all for a reason but sometimes things in pregnancy just do not make sense.

Now don't get me wrong I know I am lucky to be pregnant with a healthy baby and no complications, this is just a light hearted post about the little things going on with me at the moment.

Feeling sick/Indigestion- I presume these symptoms are to prevent you eating bad things that might harm you or your baby and are as a result of all the hormones running around in my body and a growing baby sitting/kicking away at my stomach/intestines but why is it that the only thing I could stomach in the early weeks were crisps and preferably salt and vinegar ones- not healthy at all all that salt and fat, anything else made me feel really really sick and caused horrible indigestion for hours.

The smell of cooking food especially garlic and cooking vegetables sent me running for the bathroom every time, and the thought of eating vegetables was enough to turn my stomach. I didn't eat particularly well in the first 3 months and there are still days when all I feel like eating is carbs and yoghurt!

Cravings- None of my cravings have been that strange, with both Little 1 and 2 I wanted ice cold strawberry nesquik which I was happy to indulge in as it was healthy, this time all I have craved for months is crisps, salt and vinegar in particular and pickled onion too, not at all good for me, the milk I can understand calcium etc but salty carbohydrate laden crisps???? I do limit the salt in our diets by buying healthy living products and low salt options for sauces gravy etc, I don't eat much cheese or salty things so I suppose crisps is where I would usually get my salt from, perhaps my body is needing a bit more of it! I try not to give in too often but we have been known to consume a whole pack of pringles between us pretty sharpish on an evening, I have stopped buying them now!! 

Sleep- I have been completely shattered throughout the whole of this pregnancy so far much more tired than the other two times and I am not going to work this time. I don't really understand how I can be so tired, Little 2 and I spend a few hours each day playing and a little bit of watching tv quietly but I suppose I am running about a lot, household jobs, school runs, shopping etc I do not sit down much until after lunch as I have spent the morning doing things, then it is back to playgroup/school and tea, homework, getting the girls to bed etc.

The thing is, it's made much worse by the fact that my body will not actually let me get the sleep I so desperately feel I need. I seem to lie awake some nights for ages before drifting off to sleep despite feeling shattered and then there is the inevitable trips to the loo in the night, twice most nights now and I try not to drink very much after tea in an attempt to limit the night time wakings! 

When I do get back into bed I can't get back to sleep and often lie there for an hour or so waiting to drop off, sometimes it is the kicking squirming little baby inside having a night time party (which is lovely really) and others I just don't know. The Little ones are pretty good sleepers and don't wake me up much. Little 2 will often wake needing a wee in the early hours but it only takes a minute and she goes straight back off thankfully as I lie there listening to the church clock strike the hours as they tick by.

Why is it at a time I am soooo tired and really need to sleep that I just can't get to sleep, it makes for one grumpy Mummy in the mornings!!

What were your pregnancy niggles? What annoyed you the most? Was there a symptom you were glad to see the back of?


  1. I didn't have cravings with either of my pregnancies, but the indigestion in my first pregnancy was awful. I had pre eclampsia in the first though so being swollen was painful!
    Hope you get some rest soon x

  2. Oh the wonders of pregnancy both good and bad that come with it. I never had cravings for specific things just food all the time in general. lol I hope things are getting better now for you. THank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. Pregnancy just didn't suit me at all unfortunately, but the end was the worst with preeclampsia, the tiredness and odema was awful. I hope you are feeling better and more rested soon. Mich x


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