9 October 2014

Little 2's bedroom

Little 2 has a lovely girly lilac bedroom, we decorated it in time for her first birthday last year as previously it was a pale green nursery with jungle theme bedding and curtains (we went for the neutral theme not knowing that she was going to be a she!) and it was definitely time for a change into a more female orientated bedroom.

We painted the walls lilac as Mummy liked the colour and Daddy was definitely not allowing any room in this house to be painted pink! I had found some lovely bedding from Next which was brightly coloured and had cats on which we all liked. The bedding really sums up Little 2 it is cheerful, cheeky and bright and it really suits her, also I tend to avoid anything that will age quickly like character bedding.

The bedding also had a matching rug but there weren't any curtains or anything else in the range so we had to find other things that went with it.

As the room was going to be lilac I picked up on the stripes and pink from the duvet and we found these curtains from Argos in the half price sale and then later the blind from B and Q which I thought looked quite good with it as it had the green also. (We are big fans of blackout blinds in this house)

Naff picture but I couldn't use daylight a it all looked black!!

I wanted the room to be quite girly like Little 1's room so when I spotted these wall stickers from Vertbaudet I just had to have them to complete the room, luckily they had all the colours from the duvet and room as well as introducing a little cuteness, the shelf is from there too.

I made this rug years ago after having been given the kit by Daddy one christmas and it has been on the nursery wall since Little 1 was in there, it was what inspired the purple walls as I wanted to leave it in there, I like it, it hangs over her bed.

We needed to change the carpet in there as it was the one we put in when we moved in 13 years ago and it had lots of marks on it. We bought her a lovely lavender purple colour which goes really well with the room and makes it look bigger. Little 2 calls it her new mat as when we went to look at it in the carpet shop it was one of those 18 inch sample squares, I think she thought we were buying her that, she was ecstatic when the carpet was put down and danced in her room for ages beaming!!

Since we went on holiday in June where she slept on a full size single bed she has mentioned several times about having a big girl bed like Little 1, rather than her recently converted cotbed, we decided to get her a cabin bed like her sister's as there is not much storage space in her room, she too has a step to get in it as she is too little to climb in! She loves her new bed.

I have just finished making her a cosy corner to sit or play in, it consists of half a dozen little cushions with pink and purple spots that match her bunting and lilac organza curtains to make a little tent if she likes, she does love to spend time in her room and can often be found up there playing quietly.

A proper little girls room for our gorgeous Little 2.

N.B This was not a sponsored post.

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  1. A gorgeous girly room - I especially like the wall stickers and the rug :-)


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