13 October 2014

Little 1 turns 5 years old

This past weekend has been one big birthday bash for a certain little girl. My beautiful eldest daughter has turned 5 and I can not quite believe it, where has the time gone? My tiny little dot of a baby has grown into a kind, friendly and funny little girl and I am pleased to say she had a great time this weekend!

Her birthday was Friday, a school day, her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she came downstairs to find a small pile of gifts wrapped in Frozen paper (as she is Frozen mad at the moment), we had time for a couple of presents before Daddy left for work and she was over the moon to find a pink Hello Kitty camera from Mummy and Daddy, this kept her busy until it was time for school. 

It was a bit strange leaving her at school that morning knowing she was going to spend most of her birthday in class with her friends and not at home with us but having left her with a large bag of sweets for her classmates Little 2 and I went home to bake cakes and assemble the decorations for her party the following day as I thought she would like to come home to a decorated living room as a surprise. We were having a Frozen themed party so I had bought pink, blue and silver balloons and snowflake ceiling christmas decorations and some banners.

She was really pleased when she got home from school to see the decorations and had time for a few more presents before we went bowling with Nanny, Uncle M, Granny and Grampy. It was the first time she had been bowling, she had a great time even scoring a strike (post here) we followed it up with a trip to McDonalds for tea (another first for the Little ones) which went down a treat, back home it was more presents and birthday cake and then one very overtired little girl was put to bed.

Saturday was party day, after a busy morning preparing food and assembling party bags, nine of her school friends and a cousin came to her Frozen themed party, most were dressed as Elsa! We played pass the parcel, pinned the nose on Olaf (How to make an Olaf party game), danced to the film soundtrack with disco lights and a laser courtesy of Uncle Rich, played musical statues and bumps as well as the girls making their own Frozen themed bracelets to take home in their party bags. The party was a hit and everyone went home smiling.

A busy couple of days of birthday celebrations equalled one very happy little girl this past weekend.  
Happy 5th Birthday Little 1 x


  1. Happy birthday to Little 1 - looks like she had a wonderful day :-)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! She looks super happy in her Birthday outfit!

  3. Wow it really goes so fast doesn't it? happy birthday! So cute she looks absolutely amazing and happy. Briiliant post. thank you so much for linking up to share With Me #sharewithme


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