6 October 2014

I want to ride my bicycle...

Little 2 has recently acquired her first bike, a balance bike and has been getting used to it on the paths around our home.

She is at the young end of its recommended age range so can just about touch the floor with shoes on and is learning how to balance and propel herself forward at the moment. She needs to gain a little more confidence as she currently tends to sit lower down rather than on the seat and walk with it rather than scoot along but as she gains confidence I'm sure she will get much faster.

Of course she needed a helmet just like her big sister and she picked out this pink one she liked, she loves her new hat and never really wants to take it off.

This weekend we rode over to Nanny's house for coffee and cake, it was a bit of a faff as both girls lacked confidence on their bikes so Mummy and Daddy were bent over each holding a childs saddle to help them balance, by the time we got there I couldn't stand up straight and boy didn't I feel it in my thighs later! On the way home Uncle M walked with us to help save my back! By then the girls both had more confidence and rode along with much less help, Little 1 was especially speedy.

Unfortunately we do not take them out on their bikes as often as we should and we really need too in order for them to gain the confidence they need to ride freely. Before Little 1 started school I couldn't take them out myself as I only had one pair of hands and two girls needing me to hold their bikes while Daddy was working, at the weekends we are usually pretty busy with hockey and other things to manage anything other than the 100 yards down the road to the local park, we tend to take the scooters to the park too! Now that Little 1 is at school I am going to try and take Little 2 out during the day and then when she is more confident I will be able to take both girls out together and take the bikes on the school run.

Hopefully it won't be long and we'll all be riding our bikes together, then it will be tackling the dreaded stabiliser removal!! eek.


  1. Ah yes...the rotten old stabilisers!! Our eldest had them and it was really hard to get her to learn. Our youngest, like yours, had a balance bike and he just got on a bike with pedals at the age of just 4 and was off! We had to hold him back while our daughter, then 6, gained confidence!

  2. N loves his balance bike - similarly he's had it from 2, although couldn't reach the floor til 3 months later, and hasn't stopped since. They are brilliant. Although now he needs the seat raising again - I'm going to run out of height for him soon. I've tried him on a bike with pedals, but he didn't grasp it because of where the pedals are (under rather than in front like trike's are). Hopefully next Spring he'll just sit on them and go. We do struggle as we've got all gravel at home, so need dry grass.

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)11 October 2014 at 16:10

    Balance bikes are amazing, my eldest never really used his and it took him quite a long time to get confident on a proper bike, but my 5yo loved his and as soon as he got on a proper bike he was off! We got the wee girl one for her birthday, it was still a bit big for her then, but she still loves it :) #pocolo

  4. I love that balance bike. Grace didn't benefit from one of those but she has just got a bike of her own and has challenged herself to ride up our very long, steep hill by this time next year! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x


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