19 September 2014

New Johnson's baby FIRST TOUCH fragrance free range-review

Introducing Johnson's Baby FIRST TOUCH, a brand new fragrance, soap and colour free range of baby toiletries developed for newborns.

The new range was developed by Johnson's baby in response to their recent study that showed almost half (48%) of first time mums worry everyday about ensuring their baby's skin and hair is healthy. In the study 62% of mums asked said their baby suffered dry or sensitive skin and almost a quarter (24%) experienced cradle cap or dandruff*.

Johnson's baby developed this new FIRST TOUCH range in response to the survey also indicating that 31% of mums said they made a point of using products that were fragrance free on their child's skin.The Johnson's baby FIRST TOUCH range contains no fragrance, soap or colour, it is suitable for sensitive skin and has been formulated to help maintain newborn skin's natural protection.

Although the Little ones are not babies anymore we continue to use baby toiletries and products on their skin as Little 1 suffers from eczema and perfumed or general child orientated bathing products tend to dry out her skin and make her very itchy. When we were offered the chance to try out the new range of products we said 'yes', we have spent the last few weeks thoroughly testing the range.

We were sent the All-in-one wash-a mild and gentle cleanser with no more tears formulation, Moisturising lotion- to soothe and protect delicate skin, Baby oil- mild and gentle to lock in moisture, Shampoo- cleansing and moisturising with no more tears formula and Wipes- mild and gentle to protect from irritation. There is also a barrier cream as part of this new range that we did not test.

The Little ones tried out the All in one wash in their next bath, I have to say I was impressed, I was expecting a chemical smell which I find common in fragrance free products but the Johnson's FIRST TOUCH was odourless and completely colourless too, we used it as a bubble bath, it lathered well and lasted the length of the bath too. 

I used the shampoo on the girls hair and it was the same odourless and colourless, it lathered well and washed out of the girls hair really easily which I loved as sometimes this can be a lengthy process with their thick curly hair and no stingy eyes either. We have been using both of these products in the Little ones baths for the past few weeks and Little 1 shows no sign of being itchy infact her skin is quite soft at the moment which is great.

Little 2 has been a willing tester for the body lotion as she loves creams, lotions and things at the moment covering herself in it on a daily basis, it too lives up to it's claims and her skin is really soft and smooth.

We have been using the wet wipes also for dirty hands and faces as we no longer use nappies, these too don't leave any residue nor do they smell. We have yet to test the baby oil. 

The new Johnson's baby FIRST TOUCH range has lived up to it's claims and I would not hesitate to buy it for our new baby when the time comes. 

N.B We received products in the range in return for this review, this was not a sponsored post.

*Source: SMI Alcott UK Baby Consumer Framework, 2013. Conducted amongst 540 first-time mums.

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