2 September 2014

Little 1 starts school-her first day

Today was Little 1's first day at school, well half day. She bounded out of bed this morning and put on her uniform in seconds, she has been waiting for this day since the day she finished pre-school last July. She kept asking when it was time to leave for school and soon enough it was.

As we walked to school together I thought of my big/little girl and how much she has changed since she was a tiny 5lb 14oz bundle, it did bring a lump to my throat, but I did not feel sad, she is ready for this next step.

She smiled and barely looked back as she dashed into her classroom, book bag in hand, I had to grab her for a last kiss before she was gone.

I am glad she was so happy to go, It was only until lunchtime today anyway.

When Little 2 and I went to pick her up she was first out, a big smile on her face, she told me she had a great time, she had done drawing, sticking and painting as well as snack and playtime and a story, what a busy morning.

I love you Little 1 and will miss you while you are at school everyday, I can't wait to hear about all the things you learn about. Mummy x


  1. She looks so gorgeous in her uniform, bless her. I am always reminded of that scene in Mama Mia and the song 'Slipping through my Fingers' when I read things like this - and I feel the same about Grace. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  2. Such a lovely heartfelt post. My son started school last Friday and it was hectic ever since. We are still adjusting and I am missing his company already as its just mostly him and me last summer vacation.

  3. Aww! Bless her! It sounds like she's settled in really well!


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