10 September 2014

Happiness and homework

Little 1 has now been at school a week and I am pleased to report that she is loving it. Each morning since her first day she is up and dressed and keen to go to school, when I ask the Little ones to get their shoes on she does so without fuss and is raring to go. She chats happily on the walk to school wondering what she will be doing today. As soon as her teacher opens the door to her class she is off, I have to be quick and grab her to get a kiss as she doesn't even say goodbye, she just runs towards the door without even a glance back. I love the fact she is so happy there, all my earlier worries were unnecessary, she has friends from preschool and has also made new friends too. She adores her teacher and is loving her new environment as well as the school dinners!

This week she has begun to learn her phonics (letter sounds) and has brought home homework, each day she has learnt a new letter sound and in her book she has to try and practice writing it at home for the next day, she also has a little bag with letter cards in it, like small flash cards, to practice the letters and attempt to build words, at the moment she has learnt S,A,T so we are limited to as, at and sat but this will grow quickly.

First ever piece of homework

We had a meeting at school today telling us what we need to be doing at home to help them to learn and how to do it correctly. They also told us that the children would start bringing home reading books from Friday, either picture books or early reading books depending on how they are getting on with learning their letters, so they aren't hanging about! Little 1 is keen and ready to learn to read so I'm sure when the time comes she will give those reading books a really good go.

There has been a bit of a strange feeling in our house this week, with Little 1 at school the house seems really quiet, we are used to her being out in the day as she attended preschool two and a half days a week last year but for some reason it is very different. The only way I can describe it is a feeling of being a little empty knowing it is permanent, every day, each week for the next 13 years or more.

I miss Little 1 during the day, she is the louder of the two Little ones and tends to commentate while they play and direct her little sister a lot so the house is always noisy when they play together. Little 2 plays quietly and doesn't talk much as she plays, she has spent a lot of time this week playing with her big sisters Playmobil and dolls house her way and is enjoying being in charge for a change!! 

I wonder how I will feel on Monday when Little 2 is out at playgroup too??


  1. Gorgeous handwriting for first homework, well done little1. So happy she's happy xx

  2. I hope the happiness continues to go with homework! I have four children, two who happily do theirs and two who are rather more reluctant!! #sharewithme

  3. So cute. I hope it long continues for you! Always great when they love homework. I was like that all through school. So great to see! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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