1 September 2014

Gorgeous girls in a tutu photoshoot

This weekend we said cheerio, see you soon, to good friends, Karen and her girls from Would like to be. We haven't been friends that long but it feels like it was meant to be. Little 1 has been attending preschool this past year with Karens middle daughter, Rosie and the girls have become firm friends. Karen introduced me to the world of blogging and I got hooked, we went to Britmums together and had a great time, there have been playdates, toddler groups, whole afternoons in the garden and lots of coffee and chat! Unfortunately their Daddy is in the army and they have to move away, we are all a little sad about that.

All little girls want to be a princess and Karen's girls are no exception, they all love pretty things, girly dresses and tutus, so as a leaving present I made her two eldest girls Poppy and Rosie my 'Frozen' inspired tutus (tutu tutorial here) along with one for each of the Little ones too.

We decided to have a tutu photoshoot to have some lovely pictures of our girls together, these pictures were all taken by Karen in her garden as her camera is far better than my ancient one! 

There was a teepee...

Some dancing....


Some bubbles....

A little bit of posing as well as lots smiles and giggles...

This one is my favourite one of all...

Thank you Karen for taking all these beautiful pictures of our girls, we are glad you like your tutus and wish you well in your new home, we'll miss you, see you soon, x


  1. Aaahhh I'm in the car heading to our new house with tears in my eyes. Thank you for being a great friend, these beautiful tutus & gorgeous words. Missing you already xx

  2. My pleasure, now please stop trying to make me cry...I’m getting close. We miss you guys already too.


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