5 August 2014

Watching my toddler at play

With Little 1 at preschool, Little 2 had free reign on the toys, she got out the toddler playmobil zoo, I helped her to put together the fences and left her to set the rest up herself.

I was pottering in the kitchen and could hear her talking to herself and went out to see what she was doing, she had set out all the animals together neatly in the pens with a water trough and a tree for the monkey. The people were all having a rest in the trailer while it drove around the farm she told me.

I love the imagination that small children have and I often take time to secretly (or not so secretly today- camera in hand) observe their play. Little 2 talked about the animals needing something to eat and what did they eat, she made me laugh making the monkey escape his pen and jump all over the place. She helped the baby to climb the tree and then gave him a cuddle when he fell, ahh. 

She had me in fits of giggles pretending a man was sat on the fence and wobbling, the fence fell over and she said he was hurt, she made him walk hobbling and whimpering, asking me to be the doctor and 'make him better'.

I love playing with my children, watching them play alone and with each other, the things they come out with and what they say often make me giggle and sometimes cringe (do I really act like that?) I am lucky I get to spend so much time with them but I really should spend more time playing with them, the housework can wait.

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  1. I love watching my girls play independently. It's great to see them using their imaginations. One of my girls does the same as yours and talks to herself and out loud about what she is doing. It's very cute. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky


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