23 August 2014

The one where Little 1 rocks

There are always lots of things going on around here August bank holiday weekend, we are lucky to live in the beautiful cotswolds and be surrounded by countryside, canals, rivers and the Forest of Dean, there are so many places to go.

This weekend we headed to one of our favourite places along the canal, where we often go for a stroll and a treat. This time however we met up with Granny and Grampy to have a look around the canal festival that was going on there.

We arrived after lunch and had missed much of the days entertainment, there was singing and folk music as well as a magician for the children earlier on, when we arrived they were doing a boat maneuvering contest where the canal barge owners navigated a short course, turned and sailed back backwards. This didn't hold the little ones interest long.

We had taken some bread for the ducks so sat on the edge and fed them instead.

Little 2 liked sitting on all the posts!
We then had a wander around a few stalls which were mainly canal and boat orientated, one of the Canal Trust stalls had activities for the children and the Little ones did some colouring sheets and made some duck hats too. Then we were off in search of an ice cream.

Mmm giant whippy ice creams are just the ticket after walking around for a while. The Little ones couldn't wait to get stuck into theirs.

Once the ice cream had kicked in, the Little ones found their energy and while the rest of us sat and watched the boats go by they played, first being cheeky and peeping out from behind the trees giggling and chasing each other...

And then Little 1 put on her sunglasses and after arming herself with a stick began to 'make music' on everything- the trees, the bench and finally a dustbin can lid!! (We did tell her to stop as it was quite loud and interrupting the peaceful canal side but not before I had taken several pictures of her getting her groove on!)

She really got stuck into it!...

We left at teatime just as the music and entertainment was starting again, the girls were getting hungry and little 2 was tired, we had a lovely afternoon and met some old friends while we were there too. We have more fun planned this weekend so watch this space......


  1. Aaahh that is sooo cute. They look really happy & relaxed x

  2. what a great day and love th shots of your little rock star in the making! Difficult sometimes when they are having so much fun... but you don't them to disturb everyine around you! xx #letkidsbekids

  3. What lovely basic childhood fun. Making something from what simple things are all around us. Lovely pics :)
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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