30 August 2014

My daughter- the diva

As I write this Little 1 is fast approaching 5 years old, when did that happen, where has the last year gone? My little girl is all grown up and starting Reception next week. She soooo needs to start school, the summer holidays have been exceptionally long this year.

My cheeky, happy little girl has given me a taste of the teenage years in the last few weeks and I have to say I really hope she doesn't grow up too fast, I am not looking forward to the real teenage years AT ALL.

We have had some days with non stop whinging and strops, a little bit of back chat and some plain nastiness towards her sister, this is not my little girl, what has happened to her? I think mostly it is to do with going to school, she must be really anxious, she has been getting easily upset and that is not like her.

She has been asking every day how long it is until she goes to school and showing everyone her new uniform but yet she refuses to try it on! She has recently told me out of the blue how much she misses her pre-school teacher from last year and even her nursery from over a year ago.

Little 1 comes across as being happy and confident, many people have told me what a happy child she is and it is true, but underneath she is a sensitive girl and she doesn't show her vulnerable side until you get to know her.

A couple of her friends are moving away very soon and most of her friends are going to be in different classes (you can read about that here), I think this has affected her more than she has let on and the recent behaviour is a result of the uncertainty and angst she is hiding inside about starting school.

I also think she is bored, last year she went to the most fantastic little pre-school attached to the school, they used the school hall for p.e and did their nativity with reception as well as lots of learning and letter recognition too, having had six weeks away from all of that, although we have been busy, she has become bored and really is ready for the challenge of school now, I think this too explains her tricky behaviour.

Her behaviour away from the home is as good as it has always been (bar one or two small incidents) and she still so wants to please me and help me. I hope that next week when she starts school she will find new friends and settle quickly into school life and a new routine, I am sure when she does the anxiety will fade and I will have my super little girl back.

Until that time I expect the diva-ish behaviour will continue, these pictures really sum her up at the moment, hiding behind her glasses and rocking it out with a stick on a dustbin taking all the worries away with great big whacks, yet still smiling and quietly confident in her self as she grins at those looking on, oh how I love you Little 1.


  1. Aww! It sounds like she's really ready for school....
    She's adorable x

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)9 September 2014 at 16:02

    I can relate to the diva part with my little girl, and the ready for school bit with my 5yo who just has started school :) I think that they do hit a point in the holidays where they really need to get back to school! Hope she's settling in well x


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