28 August 2014

Frozen inspired tutus-no sewing required

If you have young (or not so young) children or even no children at all you must have heard of 'Frozen' the film that all children are talking about (if you haven't where have you been?) 

Well, in our house it has become the latest thing, we took Little 1 to see it at the cinema when it came out last year and left it at that, but when her friends went mad on it we got swept along too and now have the soundtrack on permanent repeat in the car and the blu-ray on at least once a week. The Little ones know the songs by heart and spout them out randomly many times a day. Little 1 is usually Elsa and Little 2 is Anna.

I occasionally get a mad idea to create something, I do like to do a bit of sewing or creative work once in a while but I don't have much time to do it with two children, a home and a blog to look after. Our good friends are moving away in a weeks time and we will really be sad to see them go, so I decided I wanted to make something for the Little ones and their friends as a leaving present.

I had seen a post on no-sew tutus a few months back, infact it was one of the first blog posts I ever read when I started blogging, I thought it looked easy and wanted to give it a go. Having two 'Frozen' mad children myself and knowing my friend's children loved 'Frozen', pretty dresses and tutus I decided to make them no-sew (well almost) Frozen inspired tutus. 

I decided on which colours I would like, lilac, light pink and aqua, all our favourite colours and bought 100 metre rolls of soft tulle in each colour, this would be just enough for the four tutus, each needing around 25 metres of the 3 colours. (depending on the length of the skirt needed and the waist measurement you may need more or less than this so it is best to work it out and take measurements beforehand.)

The easiest way to make these tutus is to use a simple piece of elastic and tie a knot in it and attach the tulle all the way around but I wanted to use ribbon instead. I bought 'Frozen' themed ribbon in two different designs so the Little ones would know whose tutu was whose.

First I decided on the length of the skirt I needed, in the case of Little 1 it was 30cm, to make these tutus you have to knot the tulle onto the ribbon so it needs to be double the length plus a few cm for the knot so I cut 65cm lengths of tulle ready to tie on. Little 1 needed about 100 of these strips for her skirt so round 35 of each colour, this was the bit that took the time and was the most tedious measuring and cutting it all.

Then it is just a matter of knotting it onto the ribbon (or elastic if you prefer), I found the easiest way to do it was to tape either end of my ribbon to my ironing board (when I used pins they kept popping out) so that it was taught and simply fold the tulle strips in half placed underneath the ribbon with a bit poking out the top, then pop my fingers through the hole at the top and pull the rest through creating a simple knot and pull it tight.

I started in the middle and worked my way out both sides alternating the colours and making sure they were pushed tightly together, in all it took about an hour to make each skirt. I stitched the final knot into place on the ribbon just so that they would all stay in place but you won't need to do that if you use elastic and turned and stitched the ends of the ribbon to prevent it from fraying too. And there you have it a simple no-sew (almost) tutu.  

The Little ones wear theirs with the ribbon just tied in a bow which looks rather sweet and means it can be adjusted as they grow, but you could add a popper or velcro fastening if you wish.

Check out our tutu photoshoot with Karen and her girls from 'Would like to be' when the Little ones gave their friends their moving away tutu presents! You can also see Karen's tutu photoshoot post here


  1. We love, love, love our tutus & will post photo shoot on my blog next week too. I will link in with this easy tutorial too because everyone will want one. Just gorgeous so a HUGE thank you. We will miss you too xxx

  2. These are gorgeous!! I wonder if I could get my 10 month old to wear one.... ;)

  3. Its so delicate & yet looks sturdy! Amazing diy! #pocolo

  4. Aww my little lady would love this soo much! The girls all look fab in their little photo shoot too. Pinning this to give it a go x

  5. Somehow I've managed to avoid the Frozen bug -not sure how! But these look gorgeous! Might have to be the start of it xx

  6. I LOVE Frozen, but don't think I'd wear a tutu - these are so lovely though! Thankyou for linking up with #binkylinky

  7. This is absolutely amazing. I might give it a go for MM I will admit I am obsessed with frozen! lol But it looks like I am not the only adult. (below comments) hahaha So creative too. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. It's my first week back in the UK and my one year blog birthday so it's very busy busy in the LTM household. I am hosting giveaways everyday this week so a bit behind on commenting. So sorry. #sharewithme

  8. Lea Angeline Armbruster19 August 2016 at 08:00

    Thank a lot for sharing this one. Loved it very much!! Glad that I learned it here how to make tutu without sewing. Before, I used to buy tutus for girls from an online store & loved their tutus of all sorts. Now is the time to make my own. Thanks for the idea and really loved it.


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