2 August 2014

An afternoon at Lynton rail

So as you will have read we are on holiday in North Devon and are having a lovely time, despite the fact that Daddy twisted his ankle and needed to rest it for a day or so. When he felt able to walk on it we decided to nip over to a small railway minutes from where we were staying, as we thought he wouldn't have to walk much and the girls would enjoy it.

Lynton rail is a small steam railway that is hoping to expand in the near future, it is currently a one mile track through the lovely Devon countryside with views to the sea. There is a picnic area and a tea room, a small place but enough to while away a couple of relaxing hours with the Little ones.

We had had a lazy morning back at our cabin with Daddy taking it easy as his ankle was sore and had packed up a picnic lunch so when we arrived we took our picnic and sat on the tables at the top of the tea room gardens. We then purchased our tickets (under 5's were free so only Daddy and I to pay for at £7.50 per adult) and hopped onto the next train.

The girls enjoyed the ride and played spot the animals out of the window as well as hopping from seat to seat and pretending to be asleep, we stopped for five minutes to admire the view at the other end before returning back. You could have got off and taken a stroll into the village of Parracombe but with Daddy's bad foot we chose not too.

View of Heddon Valley where we went last Sunday

The return train ride took about 25 minutes which was long enough for the children to enjoy it and not get bored. The train runs every 45 minutes throughout the day and you can ride as many times as you like. After our first ride we had a read of the information about the hopeful expansion of the railway and a play on the computer in the information cabin which had quizzes about the railway and trains.

We then went for a cup of coffee and an ice cream in the tea room before hopping back on the train for another go up and down the track.

We spent about 3 hours there in total and had a couple of rides on the train, it was good fun and the children enjoyed it too, they do like going on trains. A great place to spend a couple of hours and it isn't far from Lynton and Lynmouth so you could have a good day out if you combined the three, Lynmouth is one of our favourite places (see my post on our last Devon break A trip to Lynmouth ) but we didn't make it there on this holiday due to Daddy's foot!


  1. Looks like a lovely day out! Glad I have discovered your blog!

  2. That really does look like a fun day out, love all the photos of your girls & hope your husbands foot gets better soon xx

  3. We love steam railways - I think they are so nostalgic. Looks like you had some great views and fun too :-)


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