4 July 2014

While the cat's away...

While I was away at Britmums, Daddy was parenting alone for the longest time he has been alone with the girls! He has had a day here and there with Little 1 when she was sick and I was at work and then when Little 2 was born and I was in hospital. He has only had an afternoon with both girls before so me going away for 38 hours and him having two girls for two days was a first for him.

I was looking forward to some time to myself doing what I wanted to do and not thinking about the girls next meal and the last time anyone had a wee! Daddy is a brilliant father and I had all faith in returning home to find they had all had a fab fun filled weekend.

Daddy was asked if he would write this post or even just a bit of it but he declined so I'll tell you what the Little ones got up to while Mummy was away.

Before I left I was asked oh so nicely to get out a few sets of old clothes for the girls, Daddy did the right thing there as he knew I would moan if he had put them in those new leggings I had just bought for what he had in mind. Daddy really has no idea of the contents of the girls drawers and what is classed as new! You can see who does all the laundry and clothes the children in our house!

On Friday, after dropping me at the train station, the girls spent most of the day in the garden with their cousin and got thoroughly filthy having a marvellous time on the trampoline.

On the Saturday Daddy had arranged with Nanny and Uncle M to go to the Forest of Dean for a walk and picnic. Judging by these pictures they took they had a brilliant day out together.

Little 1 does love to pose for a piccy!

There were some tumbles and tears as well as tired legs, a piggy back from Daddy and Nanny soon sorted that, They walked along the old Sculpture trail stopping to play on and admire a few bits too.

They found a beetle and enjoyed watching it for a while. The Little ones are still really into bugs at the moment.

They went to a pub on the way home for a roast dinner so Daddy didn't have to cook and as he said 'They had something healthy, they ate lots of veg!' which it probably wouldn't have been if they had gone home - beans on toast anyone!

I arrived home late due to a cancelled train, tired and laden with goodies. As it was midnight the girls were fast asleep but Daddy had done himself proud, the dishwasher was empty and the kitchen was tidy, the girls had been bathed and there were no toys on the floor, the state of the laundry basket however was another story!! 

When the girls woke on Sunday it was lovely, arms flung around my neck, 'Mummy's home', 'I love you Mummy' and big beaming smiles. They did miss me and it was good to be home but I had a fabulous time at britmums and I had needed it too.

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  1. Looks like Daddy did a great job. The girls look very happy . Would have done you the world of good having a few days off too. Lovely to come home to excited girls x


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