10 July 2014

We went fruit picking...mmmm

Last Tuesday Nanny had the day off and suggested we took the Little ones fruit picking, she had heard about a private farm owned by a family who happily let you pick your own and it wasn't too far away. We set off with two excited little girls looking forward to sampling the fruit.

The farm was in a village about 20 minutes from home and was set in beautiful surroundings of the Cotswolds. We drove down the long drive and took in the views. We nipped round to the front of the house and picked up some punnets, they pointed us in the right direction and suggested which areas had the best pickings.

The girls were jumping up and down as we walked to the strawberries excited to get going. 

As soon as we reached the strawberries the Little ones set off with instructions to pick the big red ones, we started off digging deep and found some good ones.

Then I just had to have a taste, they were so delicious, really sweet and full of flavour. I got spotted sampling the goods and so the girls had to have one or two as well.

The Little ones enjoyed being free to run between the rows and eat a few strawberries, some even made it into the punnets.

'Er Little 2, last time I looked there were at least half a dozen in your punnet, where have they gone?' 'They are in my tummy, Mummy!'

Freedom to roam and tasty food to eat (we only had a few each, honestly) the Little ones were in their element and Little 2 managed to keep a few in the punnet eventually too.

A bit sticky!

We went and had our strawberries weighed, Nanny had picked some gooseberries too, and collected some fresh punnets for raspberries, they were happy to leave our pickings in the garage for us to purchase it all together later. 

As we walked down the lane towards the raspberries we could see several orchards of what looked like plum, apple and cherry trees and one couple returning with a basket full of blackcurrants the size of grapes!

The raspberries were just as tasty as the strawberries, there were lots of great big ones hidden in the middle of the canes so we had fun peering through and picking them out. Little 2 enjoyed picking the raspberries as they were easier for her to spot, most of them went in the punnet this time although I did spy one or two heading for her lips!

We had a good time fruit picking, we eat a lot of berries at home and it was good to show the girls where they come from and how they are grown. The Little ones really enjoyed picking the fruit and wanted to eat some as soon as we got home, with cream of course.

Can I have just one more mum?

It was a lovely little farm, while we were there another 10 or so people came and went so it is obviously popular with the locals, there was one family sat under the trees with a picnic blanket, flask and reading books taking in the view and another couple eating a picnic from their car, the farm owners didn't seem to mind at all. I would like to come back before the end of the season when Daddy is not at work and have a little picnic there too.


  1. Aww! It looks like you had a great time...I haven't been strawberry picking in years...

  2. Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)10 July 2014 at 19:59

    Oh yes, add in a picnic and it's the perfect day!

  3. When we went strawberry picking, there were people at our local farm having a picnic too. Struck me as odd, but maybe it's more prolific than I thought. #pocolo

  4. Seychellesmama11 July 2014 at 16:10

    That just looks like the most perfect day, so idyllic!!! The girls look like they had a great time!

  5. Merlinda Little12 July 2014 at 01:25

    My dream activity to do! I always want to go strawberry picking as I have this idea that my son would start eating it when he saw how it was before it hit the store. #pocolo

  6. We love doing PYO, although over the years we've realised it's something you do little and often rather one huge picking session!

  7. Let's Talk Mommy17 July 2014 at 02:35

    What a beautiful place and fun family activities to go fruit picking. That's awesome. Love all your fun filled photos too! Looks like everyone is having such a great time. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  8. Sara (@mumturnedmom)22 July 2014 at 15:22

    What a lovely thing to do. We haven't managed it yet this summer, but too busy, but I'd love to take the boys :) #LetKidsBeKids

  9. This looks like a great place.. Bet your girls were full up by the time they left. Fruit picking from a PYO farm is on my list of things to do with the kids for Summer. Last time I did it was about 20 years ago with my Nan - never forgotten it though :)

  10. Catriona Stephen23 July 2014 at 10:37

    Looks like fun! I'm going to have to keep fruit picking in mind for when my little one's older :) #LetKidsBeKids

  11. Mmm, they look delicious. A great thing to do with little ones. I've been meaning to do that with my kids.
    #Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  12. They did have fun and ate rather a lot of fruit too! Thanks for commenting x

  13. It isn’t something I would have thought to do on a privately owned farm but the owners obviously didn’t mind.

  14. Lovely. I have such fond memories of fruit picking with my mum as a kid. And eating all the strawberries I could! Beautiful pics too :) x x


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