21 July 2014

Time for playgroup?

Little 1 will be going to school in September, having looked on the calendar that is just 6 weeks away eek, and while Little 1 is at school it will just be Little 2 and I. 
I have been thinking recently that Little 2 is going to get bored with her sister absent 5 days a week. Little 2 is bright, at nearly 2 and a half her language skills and memory are amazing, she is beyond where she should be. (I trained in child development so I know when I say this, I am not boasting- honest). I think she is going to need more than I can give her to keep her entertained and occupied all week without her sister around to play with. 

At the moment Little 1 currently attends preschool 2.5 days so we are used to quiet days without her around, I usually use those days to do the laundry and food shopping with just one child in tow. During the week we attend toddler group one morning and Tumble Tots another as well as Messy play sessions occasionally so we have a couple of mornings filled each week. We go to the park together and when Little 1 is at home as well as playing together, we do arty activities and throw in the odd playdate too, however although this sounds like we are busy we are actually at home a lot particularly in the afternoons. Add to this that Daddy has the car for work so I can not venture very far during the week. I think we are going to get bored doing this week in, week out while Little 1 is at school. 

I started thinking about whether Little 2 would benefit from attending playgroup this year, she has her name down to attend preschool like her big sister but that is not until September next year as all the preschools are so oversubscribed around here they only take them the year before they start school. 

We did some research to find what is about and actually the provision is really rather poor, there aren't any playgroups near us despite living in an area with 3 schools really close together, a community centre and village hall. We found one a little way away and went to look around, but it wasn't for us and would have been a bit of a trek with the pushchair anyway. There was no need for Little 2 to go to nursery which is quite expensive and I didn't see the point in a childminder as she wasn't going to do anymore there than she would with me. I just wanted something for her to do a few hours a week, a chance to get messy and explore, learn some new things and for her to spend some time with children her age rather than just her older sister.

Should I find something for her to do this year? What would you do?


  1. Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)21 July 2014 at 20:00

    I'm in the same position, as my daughter starts school in September, the day before my son's 2nd birthday. They've been quite happy in each other's company until now, but I know he'll miss her and get bored, so I'm booking in a few classes ready for him in September. I am lucky as there seem to be endless classes and playgroups local to me, so my issue is more being a bit overwhelmed in trying to select which ones to do!

  2. I say see how things go once Little 1 starts school, you may find the time spent just the 2 of you so precious, you may find some classes or stay & play sessions you can do together and for her to get some social interaction. Play it by ear hun and see how it goes. :)

    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  3. There is no rush. The school day is shorter than you think and by the time you have been out for the morning, come home and had lunch, there isn't much time left until school pick up. My middle daughter and I often used to do some baking in the afternoon. That was our 'thing'.

  4. Let's Talk Mommy25 July 2014 at 22:33

    Buba starts school next september and it will be just me and missy moo left at home and I wonder what it will feel like and how it will change what we do week in and out. Sorry I am no advice and help but I look forward to reading all your readers comments and grabbing some advice too! lol Good luck and how exciting for the next stage in their little lives. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  5. Ah, its all change here in September too. I'll have 2 at schools (different ones too!) and a toddler in nursery 2 days, then come November there will be a baby thrown into the mix too! Eeek! Hope all goes well for you x x x x


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