31 July 2014

Heddons Mouth- A lovely walk

We are holidaying in a lovely part of North Devon, the coastline is all around us, it is beautiful, there are large cliff faces jutting out with fabulous views across the sea, beautiful valleys filled with greenery and trickling streams and raging rivers running through, beaches for paddling and harbours with working boats to watch. 

Having been to the area before we knew of a lovely walk that we wanted the Little ones to experience, just a few minutes drive from where we were staying, in a place called Heddon Valley, it is a National Trust area and the walk is along the river to the sea, Heddon's Mouth, in between two steep valleys covered in broken rocks and rubble from when lime was sourced there, the lime kilns can still be found at the beach end of the walk.

I did it, I climbed up myself

The walk can take you either side of the river as there are two bridges where you can cross, we walked up one side and down the other, it is a little longer than a mile each way so far enough for the Little ones to walk and doesn't take ages.

A moment of pondering a top of the rocks

When we first arrived at Heddon Valley we stopped in the National Trust car park and had a play on the grass by the stream, our picnic lunch as well as a little look around the shop. There is a lovely pub there that is popular with walkers too.

We walked along the left hand side of the river until we reached where it met the sea, the river disappeared under the large rocks and pebbles on the beach and appeared again further down the beach flowing into the sea.

view from the cliff

While us grown ups took the opportunity to rest our feet and have a sit down on the sun warmed pebbles the Little ones were off exploring the rocks and the stream, finding pebbles to throw trying to splash each other and reach the deep part of the stream. 

They had fun looking for coloured pebbles, paddling and made little statues and towers with the stones.

Little 1 tried to see what size stones she could lift and what kind of splash they made in the stream, while Little 2 scratched marks onto the pebbles and tried to write her name.

We had a lovely relaxing time playing on the beach and stayed almost a couple of hours, the girls were happy and we were all relaxed and enjoying our holiday. The Little ones were rather tired on the walk back and a couple of piggy backs were in order, Little 2 even managed to fall asleep on my back! We must have tired them out!


  1. Sounds perfect, think we all need a few days by the sea too. Enjoy xx

  2. I love being by the coast, it's just so refreshing. Looks like a great holiday adventure.

  3. Looks like a lovely walk, and nice for them to be able to explore the beach

  4. looks like a lovely little adventure and a gorgeous spot to visit. lovely photos! xx #letkidsbekids

  5. Wow! Its so pretty there! Lovely photos. Lifts you up on a gloomy day like today =) #letkidsbekids

  6. Loks like a lovely beautiful walk and fun to explore. Stones are always goo d to play with.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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