4 July 2014

A very very very long night....

This morning is one of those mornings, if you are a parent you know what I mean, where you have to get up and get on with it, having had as many hours broken sleep as you have thumbs! 

I was attempting to get breakfast for Little 1 struggling to hold back the tears as I was so tired, not quite sure what I was doing, my head about 3 inches behind the rest of me, Daddy had gone to work and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep.

You see last night was probably, infact it was, the worst night I have had as a parent and there have been several long nights with poorly children over the past almost 5 years. 

Little 2 has had a cough for almost 2 weeks, it started off as a runny nose and normal cough, you know the ones, that wasn't bothering her, she didn't even really have a cold. Both the Little ones had it, Little 1 got rid of it in about a week with the odd cough lingering at night. 

With Little 2 the runny nose was gone in a few days but the cough remains getting a little bit more chesty as the days go by, it doesn't bother her much in the day but she wakes coughing in the night. All this week she has been up just a few minutes a couple of times a night but she is brilliant and settles back to sleep without a fuss after some reassurance.

Last night was different she woke at half past midnight (I'd had an hour and a bit sleep by then), she was coughing, struggling to clear it. She was tired, hot and frustrated and obviously not feeling great, we sat together in the rocking chair in her room in the dark with me patting her back and asking her to give big coughs in the hope of clearing it so she could go back to sleep, it didn't work. She was too tired to cough for me and just wanted to go back to sleep.

For the next few hours, I alternated between rocking her in the chair and lying with her in her bed (it is only a cot bed so was not the most comfortable place I have attempted to catch some sleep), we never normally get in with the girls but I was so tired and it was so warm in her room we just kept sticking to each other, sleep came to her several times but only for a mere minute or two, just long enough for me to creep out and settle back into my own bed before she would cough and cry again.

Then she was sick, on me, on her, the bed and the carpet, the poor little mite (but at least it seemed to clear the problem!). I woke Daddy to help but she only wanted Mummy and besides Daddy had to go to work in the morning (he uses machines and drives for work, I usually do the night shifts so he isn't too tried as he doesn't do tiredness well).

She did nod off after all that and I managed to grab 10 minutes sleep before I woke to her screaming, I dashed in thinking she had been sick again but she was crying because her ear was hurting (oh god not that too), a dose of painkiller and 20 minutes later she was relaxed and snoring, this time she was asleep for good. 

It was just past 5am, I had been up 5 and a half hours and so far had had about an hour and a half sleep! It was getting light now and the birds were being terribly loud and annoying but it was too hot to shut the window, I laid there sleep not happening, I heard the church bells chime 6am and nodded of sometime shortly after that.

At 6.45am sharp Daddy's alarm went off and Little 1 bounded into our bedroom, I just wanted to curl up and hide, my head hurt, my limbs were heavy and I felt sick, I'd had 2 hours sleep. I got up and got us dressed, and shortly after when Daddy had gone, that is when I ended up in the kitchen attempting to get breakfast trying not to cry.

Little 2 woke at 9am (we had no pre-school today thankfully) in quite a good mood, she is still coughing and has a slight fever so we are going to the doctors later in the morning.

Update- Little 2 has a chest infection, antibiotics and inhalers for a week :( Hopefully she will feel better fast.

Sorry about this post, I just needed to offload and feel a bit sorry for myself, it is going to be a long time until bedtime and as we all know life is not always rosy with little ones.


  1. mummyofboygirltwins4 July 2014 at 13:35

    Oh poor you :( I feel your pain. I HATE it when mine are ill too, and that I don't get much sleep. My twins seem to be up a lot during the night and it sucks!! We are just getting over colds and we feel a bit more normal again. hope they get better soon. Big hugs x

  2. Oh no Sarah. That's awful. Hope little 2 feels better soon and that you get some rest xx

  3. I do hope she gets better soon. It's a good thing you shared this, and you are definitely not alone. We all have days where we feel that we just can't go on, but somehow we do! Take care x


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