26 July 2014

A gorgeous little fairy door for my girls

With two little girls in our house there is often talk of fairies, Tinkerbell and all things girly. Little 1 is getting older and is definitely becoming more girly, she always wants to wear a dress or skirt now, her trousers lay growing too small at the bottom of her drawer. She talks of pretty things and has taken to dancing around the living room singing Frozen songs at the top of her voice.

The Little ones have recently become the proud owners of a beautifully crafted fairy door, from Fairy Nice Trading. Fairy Nice trading make handmade fairy doors, each one lovingly individually crafted, we chose the Fairy tweet door that comes decorated with a lovely bird box and pink and green paper roses. Each door is also adorned with a lovely door knob with a little crystal, a letter box and a working door knocker.

The door arrived carefully packaged with a personalised letter to the girls telling them how to use the door and to take care of it, inside the envelope was also a tiny key.

beautifully crafted
teeny tiny fairy key
Fairy doors are attached with glue (or we used sticky fixers) above the skirting board or anywhere on the wall of your choice (seeing as fairies can fly). We decided as we have a two year old and two cats in our house placing the door higher up would be the best thing to do otherwise it might get damaged. We placed ours outside Little 1's bedroom as that was the best piece of wall, where both girls can see it from their bedrooms, high enough that Little 1 can reach it but Little 2 can't (yet).

The idea of the door is that your child will get a visit from the fairies (that being Mummy or Daddy!) when they have been good or done something great, when they need bit of encouragement or even lose a tooth. We have told the girls that the fairies are watching then and will see when they do good and bad things.

The fairies first visited Little 1 a few days after our door arrived, she had an excellent preschool report and so the fairies left her a note saying how pleased they were with her behaviour and proud of her achievements they also left her a little butterfly pen and notepad. She was really pleased and excited insisting on taking in into preschool to show her teachers (alongside a brief explanation from me!).

We have decided with the girls that when the time comes and they lose their milk teeth they are going to leave them by the fairy door and knock the knocker to let the fairies know they are there, hoping for coin in the morning. 

I have had lots of fun looking for little trinkets that can be left for the girls and begun to stock up on a few things for unexpected events (like the school report). We are going on holiday soon and I found a little plastic bucket, spade, sailing boat, rubber ring and pretend sandcastle as a free gift on a well known kids magazine recently, I gave the Little ones the magazine having removed the gift before giving it to them ready for the fairies to leave the holiday themed gift before we go. I think I am going to have lots of fun with this! 

Fairy Nice Trading have a website www.fairynicetrading.com, they are also on Facebook and Twitter too.

N.B We received a small discount on our fairy door in return for this post. This was not a sponsored post.


  1. I am loving this and think my girls might need one too xx

  2. Oh what a gorgeous idea and a great gift too!

  3. Love the idea of using it as a tooth fairy door. It's beautifully made. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. This is so lovely. Really pretty x #Tried&Tested


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