8 June 2014

Ruling the roost- a change to come?

In a few months Little 1 will be starting school and it will just be Little 2 and I at home in the day, I have started thinking about what kind of change there is going to be in the dynamics of the two of them and what Little 2 is going to do all day without her big sister to play with. 

Little 2 is very bright for her age, her language and understanding is around the level of a 3 year old even though she has just turned 28 months. She plays really well with Little 1, understanding the rules of the game, they can play together for really long periods of time usually with Little 1 leading and only a few squabbles between them. I think she will miss her big sister when she is at school as they are very close.

Little 2 will play alone, with the dolls and doll accessories, play kitchen or with the Playmobil or playdough, setting up her little games and playing happily undisturbed, here she had set up her own picnic game while Little 1 and I were making quiche the other week. She had set it all up herself, bless her.

We do go to several things during the week, toddler group, baby zumba, tumble tots and a messy play group as well as on play dates and meet ups with friends. At the moment Little 1 and Little 2 do these things together, apart from tumble tots, which is on a morning when Little 1 goes to preschool, and I will of course continue to take Little 2 to these things when her big sister starts school. So we have plenty of things to do and places to go to keep us busy. 

But I have been thinking about how the dynamics might change between them with Little 1 being a big school girl (and probably shattered after school to begin with) and Little 2 spending more time playing alone or with me. She certainly does like a bit of time to herself to rule the roost once in a while.

Here she is enjoying the sun with the trampoline all to herself, she ran around on there for nearly an hour and was exhausted afterwards but she had such a good time and was unbelievably happy. 

'I own this trampoline now'.

Pretending to be asleep as she was tired!

Where there any changes in your family dynamics when your eldest started school? Did your  other child/children miss their sibling? What did you do with your time together?


  1. Thank you for reading, I too am looking forward to the time with Little 2, i do wonder how things will change though.

  2. First time mummy13 June 2014 at 09:00

    What lovely photos and great hair!!!! I hope if things change it's for the better and you get some fab time at home with little 2! #binkylinky

  3. Oh bless her I'm sure she'll settle quickly!

  4. Ahh thanks, I’m sure she will love being in charge and not being told what to do by her sister!

  5. I can't really help as I have twins who haven't started school yet, but kids tend to settle and get used to changes quickly. Often better than adults do. I'm sure she'll be fine. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  6. I'm no help as I only have one but best of luck, I'm sure Little 2 will be fine and enjoy some mummy time :) #BinkyLinky

  7. Thanks. I’m sure she will love having the toys to herself x

  8. Seychellesmama2 July 2014 at 08:33

    Oh wow, what a huge change there is coming your way!! I'm sure that there will be lots of positives for this though, little 1 will have lots of fun things to share with little 2 when she's home from school!!

  9. She'll probably love having you to herself. Sounds like you'll still both be busy, so enjoy the time before she then goes to school as well #sharewithme

  10. The biggest change for us was that my youngest suddenly came out of his shell and grew massively in confidence. He didn't speak muhc before as his sister was always willing to answer for him and now, now he won't be quiet! Whilst my two still play nicely together they do squabble a bit more as my little boy has got used to being at home on his own and has to adjust to sharing 'his' space with his sister when it's the holidays. The thing I really enjoyed was having quality one on one time with my little boy. I hadn't had that before and it has been really nice. He starts preschool in September and I'm going to miss my little buddy! #sharewithme

  11. Let's Talk Mommy2 July 2014 at 18:35

    Ahhh bless. I am no help but would love to read the feedback and advice you get as mine starts school next september and I wonder how it will change everything. The dynamics what we do and it will be weird not to have two tots one on each arm. Thanks for linking up and love all the fun summer time photos. #sharewithme

  12. I really looked forward to that time with number two when the first started school. As it was an exclusive time that the first has before the second comes along. But school changes the relationships dramatically. However, as it turned out, it didn't last long because we ended up home schooling for the rest of the time :) Enjoy your lovely children at each surprising stage! x


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