10 June 2014

Fun on a ferry crossing.

You may have noticed that there were no new blog posts at all last week, that is because we were away on holiday. I had a technology free week and spent a fantastic time with my family on the Isle of Wight, we had a brilliant time and no one was ready to come home. Over the next week or so I'll tell you all about it, I did get rather snap happy so there a quite a lot of pictures!

We obviously needed to catch a ferry to get over the the Isle of Wight and it was going to be the Little ones first boat trip. It is only a short crossing and the girls were excited but Daddy was a little apprehensive as he gets seasick easily, we were hoping the girls wouldn't follow in his footsteps! Luckily the sea was calm and no one felt ill, even Daddy made it across feeling fine.

Leaving Lymmington

The girls were brilliant waiting in the car to drive onto the boat after a long drive down to Lymmington, I kept them occupied with snacks while we waited. They loved driving onto the boat and were excited to get up on deck to see the sea.

Smiles up on deck

The Little ones liked watching the passing boats and the foam from the engines, they also liked running up and down the deck but we didn't let them do that too much. I think the best thing that they liked to do the most on the ferry crossings was... guess..... bet you can't.... it was going to the toilet!!! Yes, I think there were about 5 trips down to the loo on both crossings, and it was only a 35 minute crossing! grr. Going to the toilets involved, 3 sets of rather steep stairs which Little 2 was determined to do without holding any ones hand and several heavy doors. What is it with small children and toilets, they hadn't even had much to drink that morning! We couldn't really not take them after all, when a recently trained 2 year old says they need a wee you go don't you, even if was only 5 minutes since the last trip!

Passing midway, we came back on this one.
Coming back we were able to get out of the car while waiting to board, so we sat on a bench and ate our picnic lunch watching the boats in the harbour and the ferry coming in. 

Yarmouth harbour

The Little ones loved their rides on the ferries and would like to go on holiday by boat again, maybe we'll go to Europe next time, after stocking up on sea sickness tablets for Daddy that is!

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