28 June 2014

Fort Victoria -Isle of wight

While we were away recently we had such a brilliant family holiday, probably our best yet! In the morning before we had to catch our ferry to head home we pulled in at Fort Victoria (Isle of Wight)  just a couple of minutes from the ferry port and had a look around.

We had parked there earlier in the week to go for a walk along the coast as it is in the country park area and free to park, but the fort had been closed then.

There are several things to do in the old fort building that is remaining, an aquarium, a planetarium, model railway and a cafe, there are also lots of walks and woodland areas to explore as well as the pebble beach there. We only had a couple of hours before we had to leave to catch our ferry but you could spend quite a bit of time there!

Pebble throwing is one of the Little ones pastimes, they love spending time on a pebble beach looking at the stones and throwing them into the water, there is something therapeutic about it isn't there. We walked along the pebble beach outside the fort and meandered along towards Yarmouth, the Little ones throwing stones into the sea and walking along the walls.

Yarmouth from Fort Victoria
We decided to have a look around the aquarium built into the concrete arched building, it was really cheap to get in just a few pounds each for us and Little 1, the girls were given a badge which they liked. All the tanks were filled with sea life from around the island and a few tropical fish as well.

A cuttlefish

These fish had eggs (B-R)

There are steps up the side of the fort so that you can have a look from the roof, the view is beautiful. The day we went the sea was calm and really blue, you could see for miles, all the boats.

Little 1 wanted to pose for a few pictures, I did take some lovely ones. Little 2 was more interested in picking the weeds but offered me a cheeky smile!

Me and my girls
A lovely place to spend the last few hours of our holiday, we definitely want to go back to the Isle of Wight as we had a fantastic time and didn't really get so see all that much of the island during our busy week, there is so much more to explore, we will be back one day.

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