14 June 2014


With Father's day being tomorrow, I thought Daddy ought to get a mention on the blog. I don't tend to write about Daddy and myself half as much as I write bout the Little ones so here is, his 5 minutes of glory. 

Daddy is the best kind of Daddy you could ask for. He is full of fun, happy and always keen to play, he is the one who is having as much fun as the children on the soft play and always up for playing a game or reading a story.   

I'm not quite sure how he manages it, I don't think he does either, but Daddy seems to have the knack of entering a room and sending the children in it completely bonkers. It doesn't matter who's children they are and even whether they know him, they all seem to gravitate towards him and then he affects them all!
Daddy is the fun one in our house, Mummy makes the rules and Daddy bends them!!

I love the way that as 5pm approaches and Daddy is due home from work, the front door clicks and two little faces go running 'Daddy Daddy' and into his arms, if they haven't heard him coming or they have been absorbed in play, he usually creeps in and says something like 'what are you playing' or just a 'hello', other times he waits for them to notice him, the reaction is always the same, they are so pleased to see him as he is to see them (all of us), there are cuddles and kisses and lots of laughter too, I always get a kiss too. It is great when he is home, the noise level rises, laughter echoes around the walls as he tickles and chases them (I am usually cooking tea at this time), but at times they do get a little overexcited and they need to be told to calm down (Yes, Daddy too!).

Now this post is not a critisism of Daddy or his parenting infact it is the opposite. He is great and we are all lucky to have him, he is the best and I just wanted to shout it out. We love you Daddy.

Happy Father's Day Daddy xx


  1. Love this! I've done a post on my dad. Both my dad & husband manage to get the girls overexcited haha xx

  2. Guess who is the disciplinarian in our house?!!

  3. Same here with the excitement levels when the OH is in the house. Even if N's been almost asleep on the sofa, when his dad arrives, he immediately wakes up and is hyper.

  4. Let's Talk Mommy18 June 2014 at 13:24

    So lovely. What a great tribute to Daddy. So amazing to have such a great person in their lives and yours to have a family together as a unit. Beautiful. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  5. Ah what a lovely post. Hope your other half had a good father's day! x x

  6. Merlinda Little20 June 2014 at 06:12

    Awww he sound like a very very good Dad! Belated Happy Fathers Day =) #sharewithme


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