24 June 2014

Black cab drivers do not accept tampons!

So everyone has been writing about it on their blogs this week, all across the country and further afield too, last weekend was #Britmumslive 2014 and I was one of the 700 bloggers that attended.

I have only been blogging for 5 months and after being asked if I wanted to go by my lovely friend Karen over at Would like to be I went, a chance to be child free for a couple of days, a trip with a friend, an uninterrupted nights sleep and more importantly chance to meet people who's blogs I read, talk with brands and learn lots to make my blog bigger and better, to right I was going to go.

I left the children in Daddy's capable hands but only after being asked to get them some old clothes out ready for a weekend of play in the garden and walking in the forest he had lined up with some company from Nanny, so they weren't going to miss me then!

It was my first trip to London (yes really...I know...I'm not that travelled!) and I was excited and nervous too, what if no one had heard of my blog! I needn't have worried, I had a blast and there were lots of people who said they had read my blog (phew and whoop)!

I sat and listened to some seriously talented people reading funny, heartbreaking and inspiring words, that made me laugh, gave me goosebumps and a lump in my throat along with prickly teary eyes too.

I watched successful bloggers receiving awards, I went to talks and came away feeling inspired, I learnt some tips about photography, blog design and thought about a few things I need to tweak on my blog to make it look even better.

I met lots of people, some that I knew and some that I didn't, a few of them had even heard of my blog! (considering my short time blogging, I was pretty chuffed I can tell you). I handed out my cards and some of those people have even followed me, So Thank you.

I had a great time at Britmums and my children were happy that I brought them home lots of chocolate and trinkets from my goodie bag as well as that bucket and spade set we were all lugging around! My husband was rather pleased with his bottle of wine and personalised Coca Cola bottle too.

I can now say I have been to London, albiet a rather small section that I didn't really see much of, I have ridden on the tube and been in a black cab too. Now I may not be a seasoned London visitor but Karen, really, even I know that tampons are not legal tender in London, I don't think the cab driver was all that happy to almost be offered one in that handful of coins!! I am sure he thought we were mad as we spilled out into the pavement struggling and tripping over our many heavy bags giggling, he didn't hang about did he! (I am still chuckling about that!!)

I had a fantastic weekend away at Britmums and can't wait for my next blogging conference.....I just need to save up for the ticket.


  1. Seychellesmama25 June 2014 at 08:36

    Glad you had a great time!!! X

  2. Let's Talk Mommy25 June 2014 at 10:28

    Oh that is HILARIOUS! Something I would do. Glad you really enjoyed BritMums. It was lovely to meet you! I was so overwhelmed in a sea of faces I felt I should recognise but struggled too! It was so busy and so much to take in. But really great. Hope to speak to you more next year!!!! I was the same didn't see much of London weird to be there two days and now shop! lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  3. Oh I'm getting all jealous all over again reading this :-) Such a fab event and must have been so nice to go with a friend too! #sharewithme

  4. I read this yesterday but didn't get round to commenting...the tampon bit made me chuckle! Glad you had a good time at britmums, wish I could have gone! #binkylinky

  5. Victoria MyLittleLBlog27 June 2014 at 11:17

    nice to know that you enjoyed Britmums, I never been to any blogging event as most of my blogging been pregnant and not being able to afford it

  6. Glad you had a lovely time and enjoyed london! #binkylinky

  7. I'm picturing the tampon bit and having a good laugh! #PoCoLo

  8. Potty Mouthed Mum27 June 2014 at 16:32

    Ha ha ha sounds like the type of thing I would do!!! Made me chuckle.

    Glad you enjoyed your first trip to London :) #PoCoLo

  9. Le Coin de Mel27 June 2014 at 16:44

    Looks like you've had such a fab time... and what a funny anecdote (love your title, kept me on my toes). I am definitely going to go next year.

  10. It was my first Britmums and I enjoyed it so much! I've already bought my ticket for next year! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  11. Merlinda Little27 June 2014 at 20:14

    This is my dream event really. I want to see the people that I idolized in the field of blogging! But alas everything is so expensive and I am super shy. But its nice to read the attendees experiences! Its like I am there really =) #pocolo

  12. I'm stilll so jealous I couldn't go. Sounds so much fun!

  13. Victoria Welton29 June 2014 at 13:19

    I can't believe you had never been to London - I guess I just take it for granted a bit. So glad you had such a great time. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo and for being this weeks badge feature :) x

  14. I was there too and had an amazing weekend! Hope to meet you next year! :) LMAO @ the Tampons! :D #BinkyLinky

  15. So glad you had a great time, lots of posts I've read since the weekend have had such a different story!

  16. I was lucky enough to get sponsorship for part of the cost otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go either!

  17. Thank you for coming back to comment x


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