17 April 2014

We've been to Butlins Minehead

Last weekend we went to Butlins in Minehead for a long weekend with friends, it was a treat and a bit of fun for all of us, we were also celebrating Daddy's birthday.

It took us about 2 hours to get there from home and although the girls were excited they fell asleep in the car shortly after leaving and slept most of the way there which was great as I hate long journeys with young children, having said that our two are pretty good and I always have a supply of snacks and small toys handy (we don't have the luxury of an ipad or anything like that to keep them entertained!).

We didn't do much our first night, we were staying in a static caravan we have rented a few times before, so once we had got the keys and made beds/unpacked/cooked tea it was bedtime. Unfortunately the week we were there there was no evening entertainment on as the venues had been rented for some sort of Christian conference event which was rather disappointing but we made our own fun, we were able to use all the other facilities and used the site as a base - we will be complaining to Butlins for the lack of information about this though.

The Little ones are huge fans of soft play so on our first morning we headed off to the soft play in the skyline. Little 2 had the baby area all to herself and had some fun building roads with the blocks and using them as steps so she could climb up. Little 1 was off in the big bit 2 floors up peering at us from the tunnels and whizzing around so fast my camera couldn't keep up with the blur!

We had a great few days with our friends, we wandered around Minehead, ate lots of yummy food, went swimming lots, we spent some time on the beach flying kites and making sandcastles, visited Lynton and Lynmouth up the coast and had a fantastic family day out at Dunster Castle just a stones throw up the road. The girls loved it and it was great having some family time together, we were lucky with the weather too, it was really sunny, not a cloud in the sky, although the wind was cold so we still needed jackets.

We even managed to encourage the Little ones on to the rides this time (last time we went last year Little 1 wouldn't go on any and Little 2 was too small). Little 2 was game for a go although she held on tight with white knuckles and didn't smile until she got off but she wanted to go on again so I guess she liked them, her confidence had an effect on Little 1 who followed her onto the rides, they liked the big carousel the best but I didn't get any pictures of that as we were all on it! 

We had fun on all the play areas numerous times over the weekend and spent several hours having a last play on everything before we went home at the Little ones request. Sorry my pictures aren't that great, the Little ones were whizzing around so much they were either blurred or off the side of the shot, either that or I was too busy joining in to take pictures!

We had a lovely time at Butlins, we all enjoyed the much needed break and came back with a bit of colour and a smile on our faces.

N.B This was not a sponsored post, we booked and paid for the break ourselves.

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  1. Looks like you all had a lovely holiday. Shame about great entertainment, I agree they should have told you. Lovely fun pictures though, my girls love Butlins x


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