21 April 2014

Easter nest cake

When I read about the Tots 100 and Center Parcs April challenge to make an edible Easter egg nest I thought it was just up our street, we love baking in this house and do it at least once a week. The Little ones love helping in the kitchen and making yummy things to eat especially cakes and biscuits.

Being fans of baking we decided to bake a cake rather than try a savoury option. We popped over to the Center Parcs blog and were inspired by their chief creative chefs tip- 
Twist multi-coloured liqourice laces together to create an edible nest, softening them in the microwave for 20 seconds to make them easier to mould.
We didn't fancy liqourice but we did have a box of chocolate mint sticks that we thought would make a great nest.

Little 1 and I got stuck in making our cake, we chose to make a normal 6 0z victoria sponge cake as our base knowing the topping was going to be very chocolatey. 

Little 1 helped draw around the tins and cut out the greaseproof paper then she did her favourite bit of greasing the cake tins, we weighed and measured out the ingredients and got stuck in mixing.

Once the cake was cooked and cooled we made up some vanilla butter icing and put it with a generous layer of jam in the middle of the cake and then covered the outside with more butter icing. I then cracked open the chocolate bits for the nest.

While I was flicking back through the camera to see what pictures I had taken for the post I caught this picture of Little 1 eating a sneak bit of minty stick!

Then when I asked her if she had taken some chocolate this is the guilty face I captured as she insisted she hadn't!

We then proceeded to try and make a nest using the minty sticks, it was a bit of a balancing act and ended up gluing some of it together with a dab of melted chocolate, we then topped it with a packet of mini eggs and finished it off with a ribbon.

Our edible Easter nest cake was definitely yummy and devoured by everyone who came to visit us over Easter.

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 April challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest’.


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