15 April 2014

Cards for Daddy

Last week it was daddy's birthday and as usual I made some home made cards with the girls. I had loads of coloured paper and lots of lentils in the craft cupboard but not much of anything else (I really need to get some bits before the next birthday, I keep forgetting).

We drew around a couple of stamps to create a car and plane template, I used these to cut out several of each on the coloured paper and allowed the girls to stick as many as they wanted on the inside of their card.

We then cut out a bit of white paper to make a road (I didn't have black) and added a couple of cars and a plane in the sky.

The girls then decorated their roads with macaroni and cars and planes with lentils and a bit of cotton wool for the clouds. They looked pretty good although would have looked better if I had had all the right colours of card etc. The girls were proud of their cards and wrote, or in Little 2's case, scribbled inside.

Little 1's creation

Little 2's design

Daddy loved his cards and even took them on holiday with him so we could look at them even longer. 

Do you make home made cards? What could we do next?


  1. Great British Family Blog16 April 2014 at 10:11

    I love them, so cute.

  2. Loving Life With Little Ones16 April 2014 at 11:26

    Thanks x

  3. Mummy's to do list16 April 2014 at 21:14

    These look fab. We love making cards so I always try to do them as much as we can. Going to try and get Little Miss to make something tomorrow for hubby for our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday and also for the grandparents for Easter.

  4. Loving Life With Little Ones16 April 2014 at 21:26

    Thanks, we haven’t done Easter cards this year, lots of other Easter things though. Thank You for reading x

  5. Baked Potato Mummy18 April 2014 at 17:46

    These are fab!
    We made handmade Christmas and Mother's Day cards this year. We'll definitely be making more

  6. Loving Life With Little Ones18 April 2014 at 23:04

    Thank You x

  7. Love these home made cards - great use of macaroni, lentils and cotton wool too!

  8. Merlinda Little25 June 2014 at 18:59

    A nice card and I am sure that your husband loved this! #minicreations

  9. Lucas says - Awesome cards and a great use for lentils as they are REALLY yucky to eat!!!! he he #minicreations

  10. Lovely cards. I almost bought some lentils today for crafting but got distracted by pancakes. I will have to go back and get some! Homemade cards are the best #minicreations


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