13 March 2014

The games they play- Play tent fun

The Little ones have a play tent, tunnel and a ball pit, every couple of weeks they ask to have them out to play with and they will spent a few days downstairs playing with them until I get fed up of picking the balls up of the floor!!

Today while Little 1 was at preschool Little 2 asked to play with them, she helped me to carry it all downstairs and wanted to fill the ball pit herself, one ball at a time (I only let her have one bag of balls today). Once she had finished she gathered up her doll and teddies and put them in the balls pretending that they were swimming.

Shortly after she relocated to the tent with her teddies and we played peepo and a mini game of mummies and daddies. It was approaching lunch and nap time so she was a bit tired, it all ended with us having a pretend sleep and a snuggle squished in the tent.

Usually when Little 1 is home the tent becomes some kind of picnic area with them surrounded by dolls, teddies, playfood and blankets, there is often a blanket over the top making it dark inside. The little ones love to read books in the tent and it can get quite cosy when Mummy, Daddy and sometimes Nanny have to get in too.

After preschool when Little 1 got home it became some sort of extended den with the girls and all their babies and baby equipment.

Then the game ended in giggles with the girls pretending to be asleep like this...


  1. Looks like fun! If i was only 25 years younger...

  2. Loving Life With Little Ones15 March 2014 at 09:28

    Are you feeling old Uncle Mike? I’m 30 and I still play!!


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