3 March 2014

Spring cleaning with Mummy

Today was one of those lovely days when spring is in the air, the sky is blue and it is just a little bit warmer, the sun was streaming in through the kitchen window showing up all the dust on top of the microwave! I only wiped it a couple of days ago, honest.

I decided that the kitchen could do with a good spring clean. Little 1 was at preschool and Little 2 wanted to be my helper, she loves to be clean and tidy.

While I got busy cleaning the worktops and the cooker Little 2 'brushed' the floor...

We had some fun with the duster, lifting her up to do all the high corners as I couldn't reach. She got cheeky and chased me around trying to tickle me with the duster, then I turned the tables and got my own back!

My kitchen is now clean and tidy but it will only last until dinner time, oh well. Now I need to do the rest of the house but its time for a coffee first!

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