12 March 2014

Our daily routine

Loving Life With Little Ones- Daily Routine

This post was written for fellow blogger  The L's Mum (she blogs at www.thelsmum.co.uk if you fancy a gander). She asked other bloggers to give details on their routines so she could create an index of routines in order to help other mums in various family situations in the future. This is my contribution.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family
I am Sarah, also known as Mummy, I am 30 years old and live with my family in the Cotswolds. I'm happily married to my husband, known on the blog as Daddy, who is 36. We have two beautiful daughters. Little 1 was born in October 2009, now aged 4 and a half she is a beautiful, funny, happy little girl. Little 2 came along in February 2012, at just turned 2 years old she is scrummy, cheeky, and happy like her sister. (I blog annonymously and do not include the names of my husband or children on my blog so can not do so here- apologies)


Are you a stay at home parent or a working parent?
I am currently a Stay at Home Mum having given up work to care for my girls when Little 2 was born. Daddy works full time.

In 3 words describe a typical day
Busy, Playful, Happy

Could you tell me the highlight of your day
The best part of the day in our house is 5pm when Daddy gets home from work. The girls faces light up when they see him and they go running 'Daddy, Daddy', he scoops them up and covers them in kisses (I get one too). Everyone is happy that he is home, the girls and Daddy play and I get to finish cooking the tea without inturruptions (!) before we all spend some time together.
Our Routine
We have 2 different routines in the early part of the day depending if it is a preschool day or not, we are a lot more laid back if we don't have anywhere we need to be!

Preschool days and Sunday as Little 1 goes to hockey.
6.50am  Alarm. (7.30 on Sunday)
7am  Mummy and Daddy get dressed.
7.15  Wake and dress girls.
7.35  Everyone is downstairs, getting coffee and breakfast.
7.40  Daddy leaves for work, Mummy and the girls sit down for breakfast of cereal, toast and fruit.
8am  Time for a little children's tv or a play while Mummy tidies the kitchen, empty dishwasher etc.
8.25  School run- Little 1 to preschool. (Sunday- daddy and Little 1 go to hockey).
8.55 Home from school run with Little 2 and time to play or to the supermarket straight from school.
10am  Coffee for Mummy and snack for the Little 2.
(10.30 Sunday- Daddy and Little 1 home from hockey).
10.15-12noon If we are at home, I usually do a few jobs, washing, cleaning etc and spend some time playing with Little 2, a bit of blogging is usually in there too if she is happy playing!! Some days we go to toddler group or Tumble Tots.
12.15 Lunch for Little 2, usually sandwiches or beans on toast etc.
12.45 Little 2 goes to bed for a nap, Mummy has lunch and catches up on emails and reading blogs!
1.45  Little 2 up, time for a cuddle, drink of milk, often a little tv together while she wakes up, playing together and sometimes a playdate.
2.55  School run- Pick Little 1 up from preschool.
3.25-5pm  Home, snack for the girls, lots of playing, playdates, Mummy prepares tea later on.
5pm  Daddy gets home and Mummy serves tea, lots of loud playing with Daddy afterwards.
6pm  Girls go up to bath or get into pyjamas.
6.30  Milk and stories.
7pm  Teeth and girls into bed.

On other days when we don't have anywhere to be the girls generally wake up between half 7 and 8am, we have a lesurily breakfast, no one is dressed until gone 9. The rest of the day is pretty similar to above but times vary depending on what we are doing, if we are going out or expecting visitors. We do try to keep the same bedtime of 7pm each day though.

Web address, Twitter and Facebook details

I write about my parenting journey on my blog Loving Life with Little Ones which can be found at http://lovinglifewithlittleones.blogspot.co.uk- please pop by and take a look. I am active on Twitter as @lifelittleones  and occasionally found on Facebook as Sarah H. 

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