21 March 2014

Little 1 plays-teddy preschool

Little 1 has always had an interest in lines and number, when she was younger she used to line up blocks, cars and happy land people as well as all sorts of other things, she often creates little games with her toys and today she was playing preschools with her toys all lined up.

She had laid them all out on the floor and was counting them, singing songs, telling them to stop talking and generally being the teacher, then they all went to sleep and had a story. This game went on for ages and we weren't allowed to step over or move anything. Luckily Little 2 was playing in the corner not interested in what her big sister was doing otherwise I'm sure there would have been a bit of a spat between them as Little 1 had Little 2's comforter in the line up.

She was so happy and involved in her game, she asked me to take some pictures and was happy to pose for them today, she really is a funny little thing! The last picture was circle time before they all went home and were carefully placed in the toy basket.

I wonder what she will be playing tomorrow?

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